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What is the difference between active speakers and passive speakers

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Nowadays, in order to enjoy more advanced sound quality while watching TV, many young friends usually equip home theater equipment at home. In this set of equipment, speakers are very important and indispensable. In today's speaker market, According to different positioning and consumer groups, it can be divided into active speakers and passive speakers. What is the difference between these two speakers?

What is the difference between active speakers and passive speakers

Active speaker refers to the speaker product with built-in power amplifier circuit, which can work normally after being connected to the power input signal. Passive speakers mean that there is no internal power amplifier, and when the circuit is used, an external power amplifier is required to work normally. According to the different interpretations of the two speaker products, we can find that the first difference between the two speakers is whether there is a built-in power amplifier, passive speakers do not have a built-in power amplifier, and active speakers have a built-in power amplifier.

What is the difference between active speakers and passive speakers

Secondly, the second difference is the difference in output sound effects. The sound cards of passive speakers are independent sound cards, while most of the sound cards of active speakers are integrated sound cards. The integrated sound card is mainly used to debug the sound effects through the driver software, and the independent sound card does not need to be debugged through the software, and it has special sound effects. But for ordinary people, the integrated sound card can meet the usual requirements. If the sound quality requirements are not particularly high, there is no need to buy a separate sound card.

The third difference is that the market positioning and consumer groups are different. Most active speakers are now used in the computer multimedia field, as well as in more special occasions. The output power of this kind of speakers is relatively small, and the volume will not be loud, and There is no particular emphasis on the circuit of the power amplifier, and it is a simple audio system. Passive speakers are formal speakers. This product has very high power and excellent sound quality. However, this product is bulky and bulky.
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