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Choose wood or metal for bluetooth speaker shell?

2021-05-12 352
Choose wood or metal for bluetooth speaker shell? Let's first look at the comparison of materials:

1. Wood: You must know that the production cost of solid wood Bluetooth speakers is very high, and the density is not balanced, and it is also prone to moisture and cracking. Even in some high-end HiFi speakers, solid wood speakers are rarely seen.

Choose wood or metal for bluetooth speaker shell?

2. Metal speakers have better sound quality than wooden speakers; we know that stainless steel has a strong hardness, which can greatly reduce the generation of resonance, and restore the low, medium and high frequencies more accurately; and the internal circuit design of this type of speaker is also relatively good. Complex, the final sound effect will be better.

Secondly, the stainless steel bluetooth speaker enclosure is not only durable, but also very metallic, resistant to dirt and good sealing performance. Because of its good sealing, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers will be better. Secondly, the construction period of the stainless steel shell is short, and it does not require a lot of time and money to open the mold like aluminum alloy shell.

I want to emphasize that the sound quality of metal Bluetooth speakers is not necessarily good, but the sound quality of wooden speakers is not necessarily good.
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