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Wooden bluetooth speaker sounds good and hard to choose?

2021-05-12 357
With the advancement of science and technology, traditional speakers have also combined modern Bluetooth, WiFi and other wireless technologies. After eliminating the limitation of wires, speakers have also ushered in the era of letting themselves go. Not only can it be applied to traditional computers, TVs and other playback media, but also can be used with mobile phones and smart players to play music wirelessly. For busy modern people, there is a soothing music to relax the soul when they are off work or when they are tired. The most pleasant time of the day is this.

Although such a scene looks beautiful, do you have a choice problem in the face of many speakers on the market? How to choose a high-quality speaker that suits you? In fact, a music expert who has a certain appreciation of music, when buying speakers, the first choice is a wooden cabinet.

Wooden bluetooth speaker sounds good and hard to choose?

This is because compared with plastic and metal speakers, wooden speakers have the advantages of high density and good playback. As we all know, the quality of the cabinet material will affect the performance of the speaker. In addition, the greater the material density of the speaker enclosure, the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when sound is emitted, especially for active speakers with high-power amplifiers. Therefore, the sound can be restored more realistically. As the material of choice for high-end audio, wood has a much higher density than plastic and metal. Therefore, the effect of wooden speakers is better than that of plastic speakers.

If you are a living person who understands life and taste, when choosing speakers, you will not only pay attention to the sound quality, but also the appearance. In particular, the combination of popular retro elements and speakers has given birth to retro wooden speakers that are versatile to look and listen.
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