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Why are wooden speakers better? Say it you might not believe it

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first of all,
Do we talk about Bluetooth speakers really useful?

Many people will say,
There are mobile phones everywhere now, and you can listen to music with earphones.

Why use Bluetooth speakers?
To be honest, music is already an indispensable flavoring agent in our lives, using Harman Kardon symmetrical dual speakers, but this is only suitable for frequent use of mobile phones to watch videos and listen to music.

Like some notebooks, iPADs, etc., they cannot perfectly express the beauty of music. Some of the sound quality is relatively poor, and wearing headphones for a long time will affect hearing~
Therefore, in addition to headphones, Bluetooth speakers are a good first choice.
Unlike traditional speakers, which are bulky, cumbersome, and difficult to carry, they are especially suitable for outdoor sports. They have good battery life, good-looking appearance and great sound quality. They can be connected to mobile phones and computers. Some are dustproof, waterproof, Features such as anti-fall, which greatly enhance the sense of happiness and satisfaction!

That pure wooden bluetooth speaker
Compared to plastic speakers, the price is much higher? That's right! ! !
Nowadays, the brand power of audio is terrible, mainly manifested in the huge price disparity. For some brands, the gap can range from a few hundred yuan or a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Of course, different materials will have a great impact on the sound quality produced by the speakers, so good manufacturing materials can make the speakers more effective.
At present, the materials used for speakers on the market are mainly divided into two types: plastic and wood.

The price of plastic is cheap, so the price of speakers made of this kind of material is relatively low, and wooden materials are more expensive, especially the price of pure wooden speakers is much higher than that of plastic speakers.

Why are wooden speakers better? Say it you might not believe it

How are wooden speakers better than plastic speakers?
The sound quality of wooden speakers and plastic speakers is very different because of different materials.

Mainly: plastic speakers are prone to resonance, while wooden speakers are due to wood. The cabinet is heavier than plastic, so it is not easy to cause tone distortion due to vibration. Secondly, wood can absorb harmonics better than plastic, just like Like the high-order harmonics in the power grid, there will not be too many noises.
Moreover, wooden speakers are much more beautiful than plastic speakers in appearance and design, and will give people a noble and elegant feeling when used.
Therefore, if you want a speaker with beautiful sound quality, it is recommended to choose a wooden speaker. Although the price is much higher than that of a plastic speaker, the effect is really excellent.
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