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FBA bulk cargo transfer guide before the holiday is here! Rely on it for bulk cargo transfer...

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For cross-border sellers, overseas transit warehouses are a very important storage node.

Sellers send the goods needed by platform consumers to the destination country in advance by air, land, sea, etc., so that sellers can independently plan which products to export? At what time do you export? Which Amazon warehouse did it ship to? So as to realize the "order before placing, goods first".

Advantages of front overseas warehouse:
1. Supply bulk delivery service

Overseas warehouses can provide whole wholesale cargo services that FBA does not have. The larger the batch of goods of cross-border sellers, the greater the advantages of using overseas warehouses, and the more reasonable costs incurred.

FBA bulk cargo transfer guide before the holiday is here! Rely on it for bulk cargo transfer...

2. Reasonable storage costs

FBA has storage restrictions, and the cost of overseas warehouses is very low compared to FBA. Choosing an overseas warehouse with reasonable storage costs can help cross-border sellers reduce costs.

3. Efficient overseas warehouse management system

A stable and mature logistics management system is an important link to ensure that overseas warehouses complete the entire process efficiently. A complete overseas warehousing management system can check the status of e-commerce sellers' goods in and out in real time, update order status in time, and avoid the inventory crisis of cross-border sellers.

Lianyu Overseas Warehouse Advantage
1. Uniform price for the whole network;

2. The domestic warehouse is free of storage fees before the year, and will be shipped first after the year;

3. 220,000-square-foot Western-American self-operated overseas warehouse;

4. Goods stored in US West overseas warehouses before May, enjoy one month interest-free;

5. The self-developed intelligent logistics system can open up the logistics information of the first process, realize one order to the end, and the whole process visualization;

6. All-Chinese team, barrier-free communication and guaranteed timeliness.

Lianyu bulk cargo transit problem answers
1. What is the rent for overseas warehouses after 1 month?

Answer: The excess part is calculated according to 1.5USD/CBM.

2. How much cargo can be received for transfer of bulk cargo?

Answer: 1CBM can be collected.

3. What are the requirements for warehouse delivery, and how many shipments will start?

Answer: There is no requirement for warehouse exit, it mainly depends on your warehouse opening and shipping method.

4. Is there any requirement for the minimum delivery weight and volume of the card?

Answer: Cards are collected according to the board, and a board does not exceed 1,000 pounds.

5. Does the card price include the cost of excluding the card board? Does the card pie charge the entire board? Will the extra part that is not enough for one board be charged for one board?

Answer: The cost of the card does not include the cost of the punch card. If there is less than one board, you will be charged for each board.

5. Are the current goods placed abroad or domestic?

Answer: The current goods can be placed in our domestic warehouse without storage fees. After the year, we will give priority to shipping.
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