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Look, touch and listen, three ways to buy high-quality active speakers

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For many people, speakers are not necessities of life, so under normal circumstances, people will not spend too much money to buy an audio device for themselves. But it is undeniable that having a good speaker can greatly improve your experience of watching movies, games, and entertainment, and add a lot to your sense of hearing. Let's take a look at the three methods of "seeing", "touching" and "listening" to teach you to buy a set of high-quality active speakers.
one look
See if the shape brings you a kind of beautiful enjoyment, enough to make you feel bright, and you can't put it down, and then see if the color, size, etc. are in line with your personal preference. Of course, once you have selected it, you must pay attention to the following points:
1. Whether the entire outer surface is smooth and smooth, and the front and rear shells are absolutely not allowed to have gaps and steps;
2. Is there a "3C" mark on the machine;
3. The joints of the box body should be tight and even, and the knob socket should be properly matched with the box body, indicating that the mold making and injection molding process are exquisite;
4. The subtlety shows true power, every face, every line, every clear angle must appear delicate and comfortable, unambiguous;
5. Observe the engraved or silk-screened marks on the front and back surfaces to be clear, correct, smooth and even;

Second, touch
1. Touch the surface of the box with your hands, and combine your eyesight to know the production level of the box and the degree of surface treatment;
2. Rotate the knobs and switches to see if there is a feeling of friction. A good potentiometer should feel smooth, uniform, and have appropriate resistance. The feel is too light, heavy, or uneven, and it is not ideal;
3. Try to plug the plugs of the connecting wires with the input and output jacks of the speaker to see if they are natural and smooth. If they are too tight, they will damage the machine, and if they are too loose, they will be unreliable;

4. Knock the box with your hands and listen to its sound. The sound is sonorous and powerful, indicating that the cabinet is sturdy and durable, and the sound distortion is very small. If the knocking sound has a loose feeling and the distortion is large, it is not suitable to buy;

Look, touch and listen, three ways to buy high-quality active speakers

Three, listen
1. After connecting the speaker, turn on the power switch, adjust the adjustment knobs to the maximum position (clockwise), and listen to the noise from the speaker. Normally, the human ear is about ten centimeters away from the speaker, and it should not be noticeable, otherwise it will be noise Too high
2. Finally, adjust the volume to the maximum and minimum respectively, and then turn off the test. For a good machine, the impact sound ("pound") is not obvious at this time. If the impact is too large, it is easy to damage the speaker, so it is not suitable for purchase. Consumers pay attention to the above issues when buying, and believe that they can buy satisfactory and suitable speakers.
On the side of the monitor, observe whether the image on the display is deformed and the color is distorted to check that the speaker box meets the above requirements, and don't forget to attach the speaker to the anti-magnetic. In addition, check whether the accessories in the box are consistent with the packing list and whether there is a warranty card, and finally ask the dealer about the after-sales service.
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