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How to choose between active and passive speakers?

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Many friends who are new to audio don’t know the difference between active and passive speakers. Today, I will give you a popular science~

Passive speaker
English is Passive. Most speakers on the market with speaker terminals on the back can be regarded as passive speakers.
Passive speaker means "passive frequency division", which relies on circuit design and uses the characteristics of capacitors, resistors and inductors to filter signals in different frequency bands to achieve the effect of frequency division.

The signal path is that the signal after the power amplifier is directly output to the Passive speaker, and the different speaker units are pushed through the passive frequency division.
Since there is no built-in electronic crossover and power amplifier, the Passive speaker does not need to be plugged in, so it is called "passive". And because there are no components in it, it is much lighter than active speakers (the size of the bookshelf box). For connection, only need to input the signal from the external power amplifier through the speaker cable.

However, passive speakers need additional amplifiers and cables, so it costs a lot of cost, and at the same time requires more experience in equipment matching. However, compared to active speakers, the biggest advantage of passive speakers is flexibility.

How to choose between active and passive speakers?

Active speaker
English is generally defined as Active, and in terms of electronic principles, this English describes the steps of "frequency division". Before the signal is transmitted to the power amplifier, it is "actively" divided into different frequency bands by the frequency divider.
These separate frequency bands are amplified by the built-in power amplifier to promote the treble and mid-bass unit. Active active speakers have built-in electronic frequency dividers and power amplifier modules. These modules need to provide power to operate. Therefore, active speakers basically drag the "tail" of the power cord.

It is also worth mentioning that the signal connection methods of active speakers are generally RCA and XLR. The advantages of connecting XLR are higher fidelity, less intermodulation distortion (IMD) and higher dynamic range. And greater output sound pressure level (SPL).

These advantages make this type of speakers widely used in monitoring recording studios and sound studios.

Some top audiophile audio systems are also designed in this way, through a large number of split architectures to achieve highly integrated active circuits, and the cost is very high. The active speakers that we generally see are not large in size. The speakers are extremely heavy and contain a power amplifier module. Therefore, there will be a power interface on the back of the speaker, and there are many input interfaces. There is no need to connect additional amplifiers for use. be usable.

For new beginners, it is recommended to use high-quality active speakers, because this will save a lot of detours, and at the same time greatly reduce the cost of enjoying high-quality music.

Active speakers have relatively high production and finished product testing requirements, so many times you will find that their prices are calculated on a per-unit basis. In other words, as long as you buy two active speakers, you basically build a complete system. Players only need to purchase the audio source (traditional CD player, computer and sound card, high-definition Bluetooth stereo receiver and required signal cables) to immediately experience high-quality sound reproduction performance.
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