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Why are Bluetooth headsets so convenient, but many people still use wired headsets

2021-05-06 560
The ancients had the idea of "Life must be happy, don't make the golden bottle empty to the moon", where there is wine, there are music, where there is singing, there is earphones. Now with the development of the audio market, the types of earphones are constantly innovating. The emergence of wireless headsets has brought convenience to everyone's lives, but why do many friends still buy wired headsets?

There are even some "Bluetooth headsets just hear a loud" sound. So what is the specific difference between wired headsets and wireless headsets? Why do some friends dislike wireless headsets? Let's discuss.

1. Endurance
Everyone knows that wired earphones do not need batteries and do not need to be charged. They can play music 24 hours after being inserted into the earphone jack. On the contrary, the duration of the wireless headset in the standby state will be limited by the headset's built-in battery. Of course, many wireless headsets are equipped with charging boxes, but their performance in terms of battery life will still have a certain gap with wired headsets.

2. Sound quality

Compared with wireless transmission, wire can better improve the sound quality of headphones. Although many friends think that the sound quality is more metaphysical, if you have experienced wireless headphones and wired headphones, you can really distinguish it. A little bit different. Of course, with the continuous advancement of wireless headsets in terms of protocols, Bluetooth, etc., it is not impossible to surpass wired headsets in the future, but the time required for this may be longer.

Why are Bluetooth headsets so convenient, but many people still use wired headsets

Three, personal habits
Some friends prefer a certain type of earphone because of habit
In fact, I still buy headphones that I like, after all, I serve myself. However, if you still have a certain pursuit of sound quality, it is recommended that you can choose a wired headset with a good price/performance ratio according to your budget. If you are not particularly sensitive to hearing and do not have much demand for sound quality, you can consider buying wireless headphones. After all, compared with traditional wired headphones, wireless headphones are indeed small and portable.
I still like the wired one at work. Which one do you like in front of the screen?
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