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Why do I choose Bluetooth headsets when I buy headphones?

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People nowadays pay great attention to personal privacy. When traveling, they least want others to see their mobile phone screens, nor do they want others to hear the sounds from their mobile phones. So everyone wears earphones. Bluetooth earphones are the most popular nowadays, but most people hesitate when choosing between wired earphones and bluetooth earphones. How do we choose?

Portability comparison
Wired earphones are connected to earphones through the earphone jack to achieve the effect of audio transmission. The headphone cord has become its restraint. In comparison, a Bluetooth headset is more convenient because it connects to the headset via Bluetooth, and there is no transmission line. But if you take into account the weight to carry, because the Bluetooth headset has a built-in power bank, it will be heavier than ordinary wired headsets.

Why do I choose Bluetooth headsets when I buy headphones?

Transmission distance comparison
Wired earphones use the earphone cable for audio transmission, so you can only use it within this range as far as the earphone transmission cable is. However, the effective transmission distance of the Bluetooth headset is larger, as long as the signal can be received within the receiving range, there is no need to deliberately hold the mobile phone to use.

If you compare battery life, then wired headsets may be better, because wired headsets do not need to be charged, and Bluetooth headsets need to be charged regularly, even if the battery life is strong, they cannot be used continuously for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you have wired headsets and Bluetooth headsets, and you can use wired headsets for emergency situations when the Bluetooth headsets are out of power.
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