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Bluetooth speaker high and low temperature test standard

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Bluetooth speakers refer to audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chips that replace traditional wire connections with Bluetooth connections. By connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., it is convenient and quick.

At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, and their appearance is generally small and portable. Bluetooth speaker technology is gradually being valued and accepted by consumers due to its convenient features. Common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mostly mono speakers (single speaker unit). ), and some excellent sound quality multi-channel speakers (two or more speaker units) have also emerged.

The high and low temperature cycle test is a method used to determine the adaptability of the product in storage, transportation, and use under high and low temperature climate conditions. The severity of the test depends on the high temperature and the duration of exposure.

The high and low temperature cycle test uses temperature test data to evaluate the effect of temperature on the performance and safety of the sample. The effects of high temperature test and low temperature test on the sample are mainly in the following aspects: material hardening, thermal expansion and contraction effects to deform parts, changes in resistance and capacitance functions, shortening of product life, and loss of viscosity of lubricants. High and low temperature testing is suitable for testing the working conditions of components and materials of electronic and electrical, automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, rubber, plastic, metal and other related products under high and low temperature conditions. It is a kind of reliability testing to test product performance. index.

Bluetooth speaker high and low temperature test standard

The high and low temperature cycle test is different according to the test sample, the applicable conditions and scope are different, and the test standard is different.

The standard of high and low temperature cycle test:

GB/T2423.22 Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test N: Temperature Change

GJB150.5 Equipment Environmental Test Method_Temperature Shock Test

GJB360.7 Test method for electronic and electrical components Temperature shock test

GJB367.2 Environmental test method for general technical conditions of communication equipment

High temperature test reference standard: GB/T2423.2, IEC, EIA-364-17

Low temperature test reference standard: GB/T2423.1, IEC, EIA-364-59
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