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Mass production method of Bluetooth speaker shell

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In the 21st century, when science and technology continue to develop, Bluetooth speakers have become a household electronic appliance. It is not only small and cute, but also saves space. It is not only multi-functional but also intelligent. Among them, the stainless steel bluetooth speaker shell is an important part, and how is this nested shell produced? Below, we briefly introduce the mass production method of our Bluetooth speaker shell:

First of all, make a production plan: we need to learn from the customer what their needs are, such as what kind of stainless steel material is needed, the shape of the Bluetooth speaker shell, what processing technology is needed, etc., or the customer will provide a drawing to the manufacturer , Which contains the requirements of customers. After understanding the customer's needs, we must formulate a plan for this, and after the customer confirms it, we can start to implement it.

Then, the sample: the stainless steel strip is extruded into a circle through a die and then welded. After the welding is completed, the stainless steel pipe blank is formed. After the pipe is formed, it needs to be reshaped and straightened to ensure the verticality and roundness of the stainless steel pipe, and to improve the precision of the stainless steel pipe size to make the pipe mouth more rounded. Then, laser cutting and punching are performed, and finally the stainless steel tube is polished and colored.

Mass production method of Bluetooth speaker shell

A sample of the stainless steel bluetooth speaker shell is produced. The staff will conduct quality inspection on the sample first, and each link must undergo rigorous testing procedures, just to control the product to the best. After passing the quality inspection, the samples will be sent to customers for testing and trial. The customer feels that there is no problem with the sample and meets his requirements, and the sample can be determined; if the customer feels that improvement is needed, a second sample will be carried out until the sample meets the demand.

Secondly, small-batch production: The manufacturer performs small-batch production according to qualified samples. During the production process, it is necessary to observe the operation of the machine at all times to ensure the smooth progress of each process; once the size control is inaccurate during the production process, the production must be interrupted. Adjust the machine. After the small batch production is completed, the quality inspection is carried out to ensure that the yield rate is controlled within the budget.

Finally, mass production: After the small batch production of the Bluetooth speaker shell is successfully completed, mass production can be carried out. Workshop operators need to conduct quality inspections on the production line at regular intervals, especially for processes that have experienced deviations during sample and small batch production. Implement a three-in-one quality inspection network system consisting of post self-inspection, process mutual inspection, and inspector's special inspection to control products to the best and highest yield rate, and prevent unqualified products from flowing into customers.
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