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Bluetooth speaker ce certification

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Bluetooth speakers refer to audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chips that replace traditional wire connections with Bluetooth connections. By connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., it is convenient and quick.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker CE certification test items:

1. EMC: also known as electromagnetic compatibility

2.RF: Bluetooth test

3. LVD: safety test

4. SAR evaluation

Bluetooth speaker CE certification application materials:

1. Product instruction manual;

2. Product technical conditions (or corporate standards), establish technical data;

Bluetooth speaker ce certification

3. Product electrical schematic diagram, circuit diagram, block diagram;

4. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification marks);

5. Copy of the certificate of the whole machine or components;

6. Other required information.

Processing cycle and cost:

Cycle: 7 working days;

First, apply for certification, provide product photos, manuals, model parameters, etc. According to the submitted information, in accordance with the corresponding ce instructions and test standards.

Send samples as required, test the product and check whether it complies with EU regulations (conformity assessment process), and the test is generally conducted in accordance with EN standards.

After the test is passed, the ce mark must be applied to the product by the manufacturer or its authorized representative. The ce mark must be clearly and permanently affixed to the product or its nameplate in accordance with its standard pattern.
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