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What does directional speakers mean?

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Many users are still very unfamiliar with directional speakers, but in fact, this type of technical products has been popularized in many fields in life. What are the effects of using this type of product? This type of product has during use The effect is very obvious. Taking traditional speakers as a model to compare, we can find that there is a clear difference between the two, then what does directional speakers mean? What are the advantages and application areas? Let the editor come today Let me explain it in detail.

Directional speakers are also called directional speakers, directional speakers, directional speakers, ultrasonic directional speakers, directional speakers, ultrasonic directional speakers, Juyinbao, etc. There are many names. The first domestic directional speakers are developed and produced by Qingheing Acoustics. It means that the sound emitted by this kind of speaker can be transmitted in a directional direction, just like the beam of a flashlight. It will sound in which direction you want it to sound in, and the sound range can be controlled within a certain angle. If you stand behind and on the side of the directional speaker, you can hardly hear the sound. Note that you can hardly hear the sound here, not at all. Because it is sound after all, it is difficult to have that kind of accurate control line. The propagation mode of speaker sound is diffuse. This omnidirectional sound mode will cause a lot of inconvenience to production and life. For example, in some museums or art galleries, it is necessary to carry out certain products in the form of speakers. The introductory note allows visitors to know more about this type of product. In this kind of introduction, if ordinary speakers are used, because their sound has no directional function, the sound between multiple speakers will have a chaotic effect. It will become very noisy, and tourists will not be able to listen well to the introductory content of a certain product, which will have a bad impact on the user’s actual perception and understanding, but this problem will not occur when using directional speakers.

What does directional speakers mean?

For example, in a painting art exhibition, there is a directional speaker next to each painting to introduce the work, which can allow users to hear and understand the creative mode of this kind of art, the creative background, and the related experience of the author, etc. Due to the directional function, even if there is another speaker not far away, and another product is introduced, the sound will not be mixed in the process, so every visitor can be in the art venue Listening carefully to the introductory descriptions of different works shows that the effects of this type of technology products are still very significant.

In addition to being used in museums and exhibitions, can directional speakers be used in other areas? In addition to art venues, the use of directional speakers in many other fields can play a role that other types of speakers cannot. For example, banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, digital media billboards, hotels, libraries, cars, bus stops, homes, etc. can all use ultrasonic directional speakers. For example, they can be used in shopping malls. There will be speakers in front of each booth in China for content promotion. However, during the use of some speakers, due to the confusion between the sounds, the effect will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, some large supermarkets and some centralized shopping malls use them. In this way, when introducing products from different booths, users who walked through the booth can hear clearly, but after leaving this booth, they will not be affected by such sounds and can continue to listen to another booth. This method can effectively avoid the negative impact of noisy sound.

The above is the introduction of what is meant by the directional speakers introduced by the editor and what their advantages and application fields are. The first domestic directional speakers are developed and produced by QingTing Acoustics, which fills the gap in the domestic directional audio market, so here I have to mention that we hope to create more high-quality products that serve the society through our scientific research strength, common values and vision in the field of acoustics.
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