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How to choose home theater speakers

2021-05-04 339
Today, we will discuss the installation and commissioning of home theater audio equipment. After the decoration is basically completed, we need to select and debug products. In this process, we need to pay attention to some issues, which are related to whether the sound effect of the home theater is ideal. The effect of home theater depends on the quality of the speakers. Many small home theaters are equipped with a wide variety of speakers, with deviations, and a lot of money, but the effect is not flattering.

Several issues are involved here:

First of all, can the card box be used?

Many people make karaoke speakers into home theater speakers, and the price is not cheap. This kind of speaker is not suitable for home theater. Since this kind of speakers generally use a 2-inch or 3-inch paper cone tweeter with an 8-inch or 10-inch bass, the middle frequency is very strong, and the high frequency is basically gone above 10kHz, plus the installation height and angle restrictions , There is basically no high frequency in the seating area. And the movies we watch have very high requirements for high-frequency sound details. The sound of the home theater room with the card box is dull and can't be heard at all, so you can't use this kind of speakers.

How to choose home theater speakers

Secondly, can the speakers with horn tweeter be used?
Some people in the market use small horn speakers in home theaters. Such speakers have high sound pressure levels and are prone to irritating sounds, but they also have obvious shortcomings. Due to the high installation position of the speakers in the current private home theaters, the horn speakers either have a narrow vertical radiation angle or a narrow horizontal radiation angle. Once the radiation range is exceeded, the high frequency drops very quickly, which is also a great loss of detail. In addition, low-quality horn speakers are very rough, not only have poor sound reproduction, but also may damage hearing when listening at close range. Horn speakers are expensive and only suitable for large rooms.

Third, can multimedia speakers be used?
There are also many people in the market who use multimedia 5.1 speakers as home theater speakers. It is important to know that the design positioning of multimedia speakers is placed on a computer desk and designed to listen at a very close distance. The sound pressure level at a further distance decays very quickly, and the final dynamics are also very poor. It is difficult to restore the large dynamic impact of the movie. In order to save costs, many multimedia products have very poor materials, not only the dynamics are not coming out, the sound details are poor, but the power range is small, and there is a risk of burning out the speakers when playing large dynamic movies.
Having said that, what kind of speakers are suitable for home theater? Guojia Smart Editor tells you that there are not many product markets that are really suitable for use in private home theaters. From years of experience to tell you a few principles, it is best to choose a dedicated speaker product.
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