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Introduction to the advantages of vertical array directional speakers

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For some people who have not experienced directional speakers, it is difficult to understand the actual functions and advantages of the product name alone. The advantage of vertical array directional speakers is that the sound can be transmitted in a directional manner, but the specifics are How about it? Let me explain the advantages of vertical array directional speakers in detail today.

First, let me explain in detail the meaning of directional speakers: directional speakers are also called directional speakers, directional speakers, directional speakers, directional speakers, ultrasonic directional speakers, etc., which means that the sound emitted by directional speakers can be directional Transmission, you can imagine it as the beam of a flashlight, where to hit it, and the sound from the directional speaker also refers to where to hit. You can control the direction of sound propagation at will according to your needs, and you can also control the sound within a certain range. Within, the directional speaker can be given the sound source you want through the audio cable or Bluetooth. Because the directional speaker is small and light, with various styles, it is also very convenient to operate, and the application integration is high, which can meet project integration, project customization, etc. The market has diversified application requirements. There are multiple installation forms such as wall hanging, ceiling, and placement. The scene integration is high. Compared with the traditional omnidirectional sound box, it is more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has a longer service life.

Introduction to the advantages of vertical array directional speakers

The above is the detailed meaning of the directional speaker, so what are its advantages? Let me explain its advantages through an example, so that it is easier to understand, such as: in a museum, there are many exhibits in a museum, and adjacent exhibits If you configure an ordinary omnidirectional sound box next to it, many sounds will be mixed together, and the introduction sound of each exhibit cannot be heard. It is also a very poor experience for visitors. At this time, if you use directional Speakers, this kind of problem will not occur, because the directional speakers will control the sound within a certain range, and only visitors standing in this area can hear the sound of the exhibit introduction, which can solve the crosstalk. The problem.

If it is integrated into the bus stop sign, then only the waiting area can hear the relevant area of the vehicle, and almost no sound can be heard outside this area, which can solve the traditional omnidirectional sound horn sound to the surrounding shops and residents. Noise interference can solve the problem of disturbing people.

Vertical array directional speakers have many advantages, and they have gradually replaced traditional omnidirectional sound boxes, such as museums, exhibition halls, banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, digital media billboards, hotels, libraries, cars, bus stops, homes, etc. Directional speakers are widely used in all scenes, and they will surely enter every household in the future.
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