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Bluetooth speaker shell casing

2021-05-04 327
1. Product parameters
Product name: Bluetooth speaker shell
Appearance size: customized
Surface treatment: high temperature baking varnish
Product application: Bluetooth audio, smart audio

2. Rework is the biggest trouble, scrapping is the highest cost
Are you confused because of the high rework and scrap rate of Bluetooth speaker shells: delays in delivery, gains and losses of customers, missed market dividends; greatly increased material costs, transportation costs, and installation costs.

Third, the material contrast of the bluetooth speaker shell
1. Stainless steel: strong sealing, good sound quality; strong metal texture, high-grade appearance; anti-oxidation, long service life; low processing difficulty, short construction period, and cost saving.
2. Aluminum alloy: Long mold opening time and slow processing speed increase production cost; process precision is low, and tube shell is too thick.
3. Zinc alloy: easy to age and rust, low strength, easy to brittle, and difficult to install.
4. Wood: easy to be damp, easy to loose after a long time, and poor airtightness.

5. Plastic: thermal expansion and contraction, affecting sound quality; not resistant to dirt; low strength, poor texture, and low appearance.

Bluetooth speaker shell casing

4. Introduction to the molding process of the bluetooth speaker shell
1. Straightening: the deviation of verticality is less than 1.0mm;
2. Laser cutting: precise size, smooth pipe mouth, pipe diameter error ±0.1mm, which is conducive to later assembly;
3. Fine polishing: The Bluetooth speaker shell has a delicate touch and high-end appearance.

5. Surface technology of Bluetooth speaker shell
1. Comprehensive technology: the Bluetooth speaker shell adopts electroplating, high-temperature baking, spraying and other coloring processes; the surface of the audio shell can be customized into mirror, brushed, frosted, no fingerprints and other effects.
2. Variety of colors: The bluetooth speaker shell has more than 500 colors such as rose gold, champagne gold, bronze, black sand silver, bright black, gray sand white, titanium gold, flash silver, black chrome, etc.
3. Durable and durable: the coating is firm, not easy to fade, the color is uniform, and the color difference is zero.
4. On-demand customization: different grades of stainless steel can be selected according to customer needs; Bluetooth speaker shells are produced with different processing techniques; OEM/ODM services are provided.
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