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Do you know special materials for speaker enclosures?

2021-05-03 381

There are more and more news in the smart speaker market. Smart speaker products can be linked with smart home devices because of the built-in AI voice assistant, which brings great convenience to people’s lives. They are regarded as the "entrance" of smart homes. Since then, it has been loved by more and more consumers, and its market has continued to expand and grow. What material is good for smart speakers, modified plastic editor will introduce you.

Do you know special materials for speaker enclosures?

How to improve the sound quality of smart speaker products? Using high-quality loudspeaker units, increasing the number of loudspeakers, and optimizing the design of the sound cavity are all viable methods, but what comes with it is the improvement in product cost, portability and process requirements. At this time, you may wish to pay attention to the choice of speaker shell materials.

This material: light weight, strong plastic appearance, easy to process and shape; excellent hardness, weather resistance, noise reduction, dimensional stability; good creep resistance, low moisture absorption, heat resistance, high flame retardancy, etc. , Can provide stable support and protection for the product. At the same time, the company has design and research capabilities, can customize materials and participate in product design according to customer requirements, and has a good process guarantee, which can better solve the contradiction between the beautiful and compact design of the current smart speakers and high sound quality.
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