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What is the best material for the bluetooth speaker shell

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Speaking of Bluetooth speakers, many people think of its portable and convenient features. With the continuous development of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth speakers also have the ability to low power consumption and long-distance transmission, which is also more and more popular with Bluetooth speakers. the reason. The sound quality experience is a very important decision factor for users to purchase Bluetooth speakers. The shape design, process fit and material selection of the sound cavity also play a great role in gaining audio radiation and reducing resonance and distortion. This is related to the material of the Bluetooth speaker shell. So, what material does the bluetooth speaker shell have? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Stainless steel
The stainless steel bluetooth speaker shell is not only strong and durable, but also has a metal texture, is dirt-resistant, and has good sealing performance. Because of its good sealing, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers will be better. Simultaneously. The stainless steel shell has a variety of surface processes, hundreds of colors can be made, and the surface paint process is the most widely used. Its craft makes the bluetooth speaker shell have good color rendering, bright color, good finish, and strong visual impact! At the same time, the repairability is strong. If the traditional lacquer is damaged, the surrounding lacquer will fall off, and there must be traces of spots when the paint is touched up. The baking paint is not easy to fall off, and can be repaired without traces. Secondly, the construction period of the stainless steel shell is short, and it does not need to spend a lot of time and money to open the mold like the aluminum alloy shell.

What is the best material for the bluetooth speaker shell

2. Plastic
In fact, plastic Bluetooth speakers are not as bad as you think, and they are not useless. The advantages of plastic shells are low price, diverse colors, arbitrarily shaped shapes, light weight and strong plasticity, making them fashionable endorsements. In addition, plastic speakers seem to be very popular with young people, because plastic can make the shape of the speakers freely, and the color change satisfies the mentality of most young people in pursuit of uniqueness and individuality. And the "enthusiasts" who usually play music for many years are "not cold at all" for plastic speakers. The reason is that plastic bluetooth speakers generally do not achieve the sound quality they want, the bass effect is weak, the sound quality is thin and the roundness is very poor, and the plastic bluetooth speaker shell has poor texture and is not resistant to dirt, and the box is thin and cannot overcome resonance.

3. Aluminum alloy
The aluminum alloy bluetooth speaker shell is higher-end and elegant than the plastic shell, with a metallic texture, light weight and strong plasticity. Another powerful advantage is that it is easy to dissipate heat. However, the production of aluminum alloy shells requires a higher level of production technology. Compared with mold castings with mature and stable technology developed for decades, the quality and output stability of aluminum alloy shells are poor, and the rejection rate is high, resulting in higher prices for aluminum alloy products. There are many processes for the surface treatment of aluminum shells, and the cost of each process is different. The advantage of surface spraying is that there are many colors (commonly known as color aluminum), simple production and low price, but the disadvantage is that the color adhesion is not strong. , Easy to fall off, easy to change color over time.

The above are the commonly used materials for Bluetooth speaker shells. So, which material is suitable for Bluetooth speakers? There is no answer in the world. It can only be said that shells of different materials bear different missions, and there is no absolute difference between good and bad.
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