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The status quo of Amazon in 2021, novices must be cautious!

2021-02-02 537
There are more sellers, competition is fierce, and traffic is getting more and more difficult to obtain. This is the current status of Amazon!

Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the cost of logistics has increased. If you want to ask me how I am doing Amazon now, I can only say that I must carefully consider

If you want to be Amazon because you think you have seen some so-called ERP one-click shop goods, then I advise you to wash and sleep.

If you are optimistic about the prospects of the Amazon platform and have a good attitude and are willing to invest time and money, then this platform is still worth trying.

Below, I will share some experience with you, it will be much easier to do Amazon well!

One, the formula

Be Amazon, you have to know this formula

The formula is: order = product exposure x transaction rate

The status quo of Amazon in 2021, novices must be cautious!

1. Product exposure

Only when someone can see the product can a transaction occur, so you must find a way to get more exposure for your product

Users generally search for product keywords when buying products. For example, if I want to buy an air fryer, I will search for the keyword air fryer on Amazon. After the search, many products will appear. The more advanced the product, the easier it will be People see.

Therefore, the best part of getting a product is to find a way to rank your product in search terms. The higher the ranking, the greater the traffic.

The status quo of Amazon in 2021, novices must be cautious!

If you want to improve product keyword ranking, you can start from the following points;

1. Keywords (the more relevant the user's search term and the title of your product are, the more likely it will be crawled by the Amazon system)

2. The number of reviews (the more your product reviews, the higher the ranking will be),

3. Star rating (too many reviews are not enough, you have to make sure that you are well received, the star rating is also an important ranking factor)

4. Price (the lower the price of the product will help improve the ranking)

5. FBA (using FBA logistics will help improve the search ranking of products)

6. Recent sales (sales in the last week will also affect the keyword ranking of the product)

If you want to quickly improve product search rankings in the short term, you can also place PPC ads. Simply put, you pay to buy exposure. If your product profit margin is not high or the conversion rate is not high, then I don’t recommend placing PPC. .

2. Turnover rate

If your product is not enough to be seen by others, you also need to improve the turnover rate

What is the turnover rate?

Suppose 100 people saw your product, and finally 1 person bought your product, then the transaction rate is 1%

And the main thing that determines the transaction rate is your product listing sales page.

There are many places that can be optimized

Product price

Product title

Product picture

Product description

Product evaluation

Product rating

Product logistics timeliness

Product promotions

Understand this formula, then you can find the cause if you encounter a problem, and you can quickly correct the error.

If you are a novice, I suggest you choose a product with a small market but some profit. Such products are often less competitive. As long as you operate properly, you can spend a small amount of money to increase the sales of the product.

Above, I hope it helps you
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