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Precautions for the use of professional speakers in private theaters

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The subwoofer speakers used in private theaters have to bear the bass effect of the entire system. The position of the subwoofer speakers cannot be detected by the listener, otherwise the subwoofer speakers will destroy the sound pressure balance (if the subwoofer speakers are placed on the left, you will I feel that the front left channel is louder). You can do a simple test, turn off the volume of all speakers, and only turn on the subwoofer; if there is no dedicated test source, you can play a record clip with rich subwoofer. In order to concentrate, you can close your eyes and listen carefully to the subwoofer. If the sound of the speaker can be analyzed aurally, it means that the crossover point of the subwoofer is adjusted too high.

(1) Reasonably place the two main speakers at a certain distance to obtain a better stereo effect. The base of the speaker must be firm and not vibrate due to the sound of the speaker. The working environment of the speaker should be protected from high temperature and dryness and should be placed in a ventilated place. No objects can be placed on the speaker to prevent damage to the sound quality due to resonance. The speaker is a device with a strong magnetic field, so keep it away from TV sets, watches, tapes and other items.

Precautions for the use of professional speakers in private theaters

(2) The connection between the short speaker and the amplifier should be as short and thick as possible. Nowadays, there are oxygen-free pure copper wires specially used for connecting speakers in China, which can help to improve the sound quality. It can be selected according to the investment situation. .

(3) The loudness should be appropriate. The power that the speaker can withstand is limited. Don't let it work under full load, generally greater than the minimum recommended power. If the speaker is allowed to work at the limit power for a long time, its life will be reduced, and the speaker will be damaged in severe cases.

(4) Cleaning and maintenance Clean the speaker with a soft damp cloth, without any detergent. The speaker grille is easy to get dust and can be cleaned with a fine brush.

2. Adjustment of the crossover point of the subwoofer

If you are using a standard THX speaker, just adjust it to 80Hz, which is the standard specification of THX. If it is other "sets" of professional speakers, the problem is not big, set around 80 Hz. In the case that the left, center, and right main speakers have good low-frequency extension capabilities, the crossover point should be lowered appropriately. In any case, the crossover point is "preferably not" set above 80 Hz. If the main speakers are all speakers with "limited bass" and the crossover point must be set above 100 Hz, the position of the subwoofer should be Move to the front center, close to the center channel speaker.
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