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The use of polyurea coatings on speakers

2021-05-03 415
Today I will talk to you about the use of polyurea coatings on speakers!

With the development of science and technology, and the increasingly updated and advanced multimedia technology, traditional speakers are far from being able to meet the needs of the public. More and more car speakers, home speakers, square speakers, shopping mall speakers, stadium speakers, outdoor speakers, etc. emerge in endlessly. This also makes speakers into thousands of households, the market prospects are optimistic. With the rapid development of speakers and spraying polyurea, the cooperation between the two strong industries has become a matter of course.

The use of paint in speakers has been around for a long time, and speakers have also put forward their own requirements for the role that paint can play. First of all, waterproof and moisture-proof, especially speakers with wooden substrates, are especially important. Secondly, prevent scratches and bumps. Again, wear resistance. Of course, there is also its unique texture state, which greatly increases the aesthetics of the product after molding, and it is unmatched by other coatings.

The use of polyurea coatings on speakers

Traditional coatings are mostly solvent-based coatings, and they are mainly two-component coatings. Although they can provide a certain degree of protection, solvent-based coatings are highly toxic, slow to dry, simple in form, cumbersome in construction, and gradually eliminated by the market. The emergence of lightweight coating structures has become an increasingly popular trend.

The use of sprayed polyurea for speakers is also a great innovation for the speaker industry. Through repeated trials and comparisons, different types of polyurea coatings have been developed based on different substrates, gradually replacing traditional coatings. With a friendly interface, quick and easy construction, diversification, and at the same time, it is the best choice for environmental protection.

Use spraying polyurea equipment to spray the surface of the box body, which can be instantly cured and formed without affecting the transportation, greatly reducing the waiting time of the next process, and also reducing the product accumulation rate of the spraying process. After the product is formed, if it is put in 60 °C environment, can be installed and used in two hours. Safe storage, completely eliminate fire hazards. The sprayed polyurea coating has good scratch resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, low VOC, non-toxic, and odorless. It can be granulated on the surface and made into various textures. It is no longer a singular and rigid image to meet the needs of different occasions. Such quick and simple construction can further reduce labor intensity and greatly save labor costs.
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