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The same speakers, why are they divided into HIFI speakers and cinema speakers

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When it comes to HIFI, many friends think that it is a leisure way to buy high-end enjoyment with money. In fact, this understanding is very wrong. Poor people can also burn HIFI. As far as HIFI is concerned, the meaning it contains is not only high-fidelity sound reproduction for true enthusiasts, but also includes adjustments to equipment and harsh listening environments. Acoustic processing, the experience of playing with different equipment, and even the results of changes in the effects of discs in different systems. Let's go a little deeper, there are also the changes in sound placement and the impact of some gadgets on the system, and so on.

Generally speaking, equipment with pictures and sound can be called AV equipment. It is precisely because the AV system has the image output function, so in the strict sense, the general audio equipment should not be regarded as the AV system. However, in recent years, people have been concerned about the AV system. The requirements of not only stay on the surface of visual sensory stimulation, but also the requirements for acoustic effects are becoming more and more stringent.

Pure audio can no longer meet the pursuit of modern people, so we can only define a truly generalized AV system, which includes electricity, computers, satellite TV, network and many other concepts combined in a system to be regarded as a truly generalized AV.

The difference between HIFI speakers and AV home theater speakers
1. Price difference-from the comparison of the price of HI-FI equipment and AV equipment on the market, it is not difficult to find the fact that AV home theater equipment is usually lower in price than Hi-Fi equipment, especially The gap between domestic equipment is very obvious, and the same is true for the comparison of high-end imported products.

From the perspective of audio consumers or audiophiles, a high-priced Hi-Fi amplifier or a high-priced Hi-Fi speaker, even at the sky-high level, is easily accepted or recognized by the market, especially imported equipment. Hi-Fi equipment worth 100,000 yuan is not uncommon in the market. But the materials used can be described as heavy AV power amplifiers on the mainland market, which is 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Perhaps because of this, domestic and foreign manufacturers rarely launch sky-high-priced AV equipment.

2. Sound field—The sound effect created by HiFi speakers is on the front and deep. I saw many photos in the forum: The speakers are parallel to the monitor, and the back is only leaning against the wall. As everyone knows, the sound field is flat and there is no In depth, the position of characters and instruments is naturally poor, and there is no sense of being out of the box.

Two pairs of speakers, one on both sides of the computer, the other pair in front of the computer desk, about 50cm away from the computer screen, and the sound field falls on the computer screen, so as to reflect the hierarchy of characters and bands. The bookshelf boxes are already on your feet. Friends of the rack may wish to try: move the box half a meter forward and listen at a distance of 1.5-2M from the box to see how it feels. If you hear a flat surface, then your speakers or amplifiers are not qualified.

The same speakers, why are they divided into HIFI speakers and cinema speakers

The sound effect created by the AV speaker is surround, and its front sound field is not deep, so it can be seen that the position of the front speaker of the AV speaker is parallel to the display. The imaging power of this kind of speakers is not as good as HiFi speakers, because it can create a magnificent scene. In order to make up for it, a center speaker is added to highlight the sound field of the characters and make up for the lack of intermediate imaging. In order to increase the momentum of the sound field, a subwoofer is usually configured. Therefore, the difference in the sound field is the biggest difference between the two types of speakers.

3. Details and momentum-HiFi speakers pay attention to music details. The better the speakers, the deeper the performance of the performer’s characteristics, skills and personality. For example, the author does not like Mute, because her violin rubbing feels too much. Feminine, on the contrary, Head & Shoulders' performance is just right.

Although some HiFi speakers perform well in music, they are still a bit worse than AV speakers. AV speakers pay attention to the creation of character dialogue and grand scenes, because when I use AV speakers to watch movies, I often spend time with my family, feeling the grandeur of the scene and the excitement of the dialogue. It is just a little bit of the scene. HiFi speakers are just a little bit of the scene. Not as good as AV speakers.

In addition, when watching a movie, the main focus is on the picture, and the details of the sound are naturally ignored. The role of the AV speaker is to set off the picture with magnificent sound effects. Naturally, the details are ignored. This is exactly the HiFi speaker and AV. The difference between the speakers is that these two speakers have different ideas when they are designed.

4. The difference between the number and quality of speakers-in terms of the number and quality of speakers, the requirements of AV speakers and HI-FI speakers are completely different. AV speakers are generally composed of several speakers, which include satellite surround speakers. Compared with the subwoofer effect box, these speakers pay more attention to the power, frequency response, and distortion effect requirements of the speakers than the HI-FI speakers.

In addition to these, AV speakers pay more attention to the synergy effect between multiple speakers, while HI-FI speakers are completely opposite to AV speakers. HI-FI speakers are composed of two speakers, which have the ability to restore music and The sound effect does not have the ability of sound rendering, which can ensure the real playback of relatively high sound.

The sound of HiFi speakers is clear, paying attention to the taste of music, focusing on the quiet background and highlighting the music, so it feels like clear water flowing through the heart, like a stream and lake; the sound of the AV speaker is atmospheric, focusing on the portrayal of the picture, paying attention to The creation of the scene, therefore, feels awe-inspiring, like a river and the sea.
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