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Which is better, bookshelf speakers or floor speakers?

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If you want to get yourself a set of HIFI, many people will want to get the best speakers, so the question that makes friends entangled comes, is it good floor speakers or bookshelf speakers?

The bookshelf box has the characteristics of small size and flexible placement, so it is suitable for use in small rooms where the listening environment is not large. The floor-to-ceiling box is more suitable for large-area listening environments due to its large size and strong output power of the bass unit.

Bookshelf boxes and floor boxes have their own advantages in sound performance. Among them, the bookshelf box is because the woofer has a small caliber, so the low frequency cannot be submerged too deep, mostly around 65Hz. Due to the low energy of the bass, the mid-bass connection of the bookshelf box is smoother, the high-frequency resolution is also higher, and the box resonant vibration is small, so it has a better sense of speed.

In addition, the general bookshelf box has a simple crossover structure due to the small number of speaker units, and the impedance changes of the tweeter and mid-bass unit are correspondingly small, so it is easier to obtain sound balance and sense of positioning. Actual listening shows that the use of bookshelf speakers to play human voices and string music often has the inherent advantage of being irreplaceable with floor-standing boxes.

Which is better, bookshelf speakers or floor speakers?

Due to its large size and low-frequency speaker unit, floor-standing speakers are very good at performing symphonic works with great dynamics. In terms of the physical characteristics of "energy conservation", the floor-to-ceiling box has a unique advantage in showing the sense of sound field of the music picture and the depth of low-frequency diving. However, in product development, due to the large number of loudspeaker units and the complex crossover network, manufacturing methods will be more demanding.

In addition, floor-to-ceiling boxes with a certain grade are obviously much more expensive than bookshelf boxes of the same grade. Therefore, consumers should make a comprehensive and reasonable price based on their listening environment, economic affordability, and music appreciation style. Select speakers. Generally speaking, for a listening environment less than 18 square meters, it is better to choose bookshelf speakers or small floor boxes.

In fact, as far as sound quality is concerned, there is no such thing as a good bookcase or a floor-standing box. Of course, the classification of speakers is mainly based on the internal volume of the cabinet and the caliber of the mid-bass unit as a reference index, so there will be some exceptions.
For example, some large bookshelf speakers are much larger than some slender, slender floor-standing boxes, no matter the internal volume of the cabinet and the caliber of the mid-woofer speaker unit. So this requires consumers to be able to deal with specific situations, so as to finally choose the speaker that they are satisfied with.
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