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The pros and cons of wooden speakers and plastic speakers

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For friends who like to listen to music, choosing a good speaker is a good match for music. However, there are wooden speakers and plastic speakers in the material of the speaker cabinet. So, is the sound quality determined by the material of the speakers? Today, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wooden speakers and plastic speakers, so that you can more intuitively feel the advantages and disadvantages of wooden speakers and plastic speakers.

Wooden speakers:
For most wooden speakers, the material used is MDF medium-density fiberboard, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fibers, crushed, fiber separated, dried and then applied with adhesive, and then hot pressed. An artificial board. The density is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the thickness is 5-30 mm. This type of board has excellent physical properties and is easy to decorate and process, so it is widely used in the manufacture and production of speakers.
However, some unscrupulous merchants use "particle board" under the name of MDF board. At first glance, particle board is similar to MDF board, but its density and hardness are far inferior to MDF board. The internal structure is rough and the cost is low. , The sound quality of the speakers is naturally not good.
Of course, there are also some multi-layer boards used in the cabinet. Compared with MDF, the multi-layer board is lighter in weight and firmer. The sound effect of the speaker is also better, but the price is more expensive, and it is mainly used in some professional stage speakers. on.

Plastic speaker:
The cost of plastic materials is low, and the appearance is easy to color and shape, which is why plastic speakers are more colorful than wooden speakers (wood speakers are mostly black and brown).

Comparison of wooden speakers and plastic speakers:
1. Compared with plastic speakers, wooden speakers have the advantage of higher density:

Material density and quality are directly related to the cost of the speaker, and also affect the performance of the speaker. The greater the material density of the speaker shell, the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when the sound is emitted, especially for active speakers with high-power amplifiers, so that the sound can be more realistically restored. The density of wood is much greater than that of plastic, so the effect of wooden speakers is better than that of plastic speakers.

The pros and cons of wooden speakers and plastic speakers

2. Wooden speakers have better playback effects than plastic speakers:
Compared with plastic, wood is much stronger in sound reflection, and the airtightness of wood is also very good, so that the sound signal can be effectively expressed through the air vibration in the box, and the thickness of the box is also to a certain extent. Strong guarantee of bass effect.

3. Wooden speakers are more beautiful and beautiful than plastic speakers:
Wooden speakers are also much more beautiful than plastic speakers in appearance and design, and will give people an elegant feeling when used.

4. Plastic speakers are more economical than wooden speakers:
Whether it is in production or at the time of purchase. The cost and price of plastic speakers are cheaper than wooden speakers of the same level, and the price advantage is obvious.

5. Plastic speakers can last longer than wooden speakers:
Because wooden speakers will become damp and cracked over time, which will affect their use. Plastic speakers do not, they are very resistant to the environment and can be stored for a longer period of time.

6. Plastic speakers are highly plastic, light in weight, and easy to move or carry.
Summary: We have seen that in the sound quality of speakers, materials have largely affected the performance of the sound quality of speakers. Wooden speakers are more excellent in tone and sound quality than plastic speakers. However, due to the higher cost and inportability of wooden speakers, plastic speakers now occupy most of the low-end market.
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