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Just four steps to teach you how to judge the quality of a speaker!

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Speakers are audio terminal equipment, just like the voice of a person determines the quality of a set of speakers to a large extent. It is no exaggeration to say that choosing a good pair of speakers is the key to the success of a set of speakers. . Throughout the market, there are many types of speakers, such as portable speakers, card speakers, small speakers, computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, mobile K song speakers, etc. The quality is uneven, and the price varies widely, so you must have the choice of audio "Golden Eyes and Fire Eyes".

How to judge the quality of a pair of speakers? Tell everyone, you might as well start from the following aspects:
Just like the "look, smell, ask, cut" of traditional Chinese medicine, we can use "watching, weighing, knocking, and acknowledgment" to get a preliminary understanding of the speaker before the audition, that is, we can see the craftsmanship, weigh the weight, knock the cabinet three times, and recognize the nameplate four times. .

1. The craftsmanship is to judge the quality of the speakers from the appearance. The quality of the speakers made of natural logs is often worthy of peace of mind.

2. Weighing the weight There is a saying in the audio industry that "experts look at quality, but laymen weigh the weight". Heavier speakers are definitely better than light ones. Good speakers are mostly made of high-quality MDF particle boards of 18mm and 25mm. High-end flagship speakers are made of super-heavy solid wood such as red sandalwood and yellow grapefruit or multi-layer composite plywood, so the weight is very amazing. The net weight of a pair of speakers is very amazing. Up to fifty or sixty kilograms. Inferior speakers mostly use soft particleboard or even inferior paper rubber sheets, so they are generally lighter in weight.
In addition, some unscrupulous businesses will also take advantage of this habit of consumers to pour sand and gravel cement into the box to increase the weight, and you must carefully weigh the weight.

3. Knock the box body by hand knocking the baffles on the top, bottom, left, and right of the box body. If all sides emit a solid and slight crisp sound, then the panel used in the speaker is hard and thick, and there are multiple ribs inside to support the box. The structure is reasonable and sturdy, with good sound insulation and anti-standing wave measures. The processing cost and difficulty of this kind of cabinet are high, and there are few counterfeit and inferior products. If the box body is knocked to make a "puff, puff" empty sound, it means that the plate is too thin, the quality of the material is too poor, the structure is unreasonable, and there is no sound-absorbing material or reinforcement ribs inside, resulting in a large number of diffuse reflections and standing waves in the box. , This kind of speakers can never get a good playback effect.

Just four steps to teach you how to judge the quality of a speaker!

4. Recognize the brand mark
Famous-brand speakers attach great importance to brand image and corporate reputation, so the nameplate markings attached are very standardized, exquisite, and various indicators, corporate names, and origins are all available. Really good speakers have a well-made gold-plated or chrome-plated nameplate mark. The nameplate generally has a distinctive trademark, company, name, place of origin, and corresponding indicators. The imported box is in English.
If there is only a design or a vague label with only one country, in addition to a few basic indicators that are simple and extremely imprecise, neither the place of origin nor the manufacturer’s trademark nor the registration mark can be seen. This type of three-no product Most of them are suspected of being counterfeit or inferior.

The above are all empirical talks. After the four steps of "viewing, weighing, knocking, and acknowledging", the quality of a speaker can basically be determined.
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