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Why wooden speakers are better

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Music can always bring people a sense of peace and detachment from the world. Music is like a confidant who knows us best, fully revealing all the emotions we want to express. It is ethereal but has deep connotations. It can touch our most true feelings and touch our most unforgettable memories. We need to buy a good sound system with better sound quality. This is also buying physical and mental health, and gaining our own lifestyle.

Earlier audio systems used a mixture of bass and treble to play out. The shortcomings are very obvious. The sound quality of a single mode is not very good. Later, the manufacturer separated the treble and bass, which not only improved the quality of sound playback, but also the user could adjust the output power of the bass to get different sound effects.

What kind of material is used to make a speaker has a great influence on the sound quality. The materials used for speakers on the market are mainly divided into two types: plastic and wood.

The price of plastic is cheap, so the price of speakers made of this material is relatively low, and wooden materials are more expensive, especially the price of pure wooden speakers is much higher than that of plastic speakers. So what are the advantages of wooden speakers than plastic speakers?

Why wooden speakers are better

1. High density of wooden speakers
Material density and quality are directly related to the cost of the speaker, and also affect the performance of the speaker. The greater the material density of the speaker shell, the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when the sound is emitted, especially for active speakers with high-power amplifiers, so that the sound can be more realistically restored. The density of wood is much greater than that of plastic, so the effect of wooden speakers is better than that of plastic speakers.

2. Wooden speakers have good playback effects

Compared with plastic, wood reflects a lot of sound, and the airtightness of wood is also very good, so that the sound signal can be effectively expressed through the air vibration in the box, and the thickness of the box is also super Strong guarantee of bass effect.

Why wooden speakers are better

3. Wooden speakers are beautiful and stylish
The speakers made of natural logs are of course the best. The processing time of this kind of speakers is long and the process is difficult, so the price is not low. Wooden speakers are also much more beautiful than plastic speakers in appearance and design, and will give people a noble and elegant feeling when used.
Really good speakers are hard and thick, so they will give off a solid and crisp sound. Inferior speakers have a hollow sound of "pupu" when they are knocked on because of their thin sheeting. This also indirectly proves the sound absorption effect of the internal structure of the speaker and how the sound is reflected.
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