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How to choose a good computer speaker

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Computer speakers are one of the important external equipment of multimedia computers, especially those "enthusiasts" players who choose high-quality speakers at all costs, how can they buy satisfactory speakers? Its importance indicators are mainly as follows Aspects:

1. Frequency response, the hearing range of ordinary human ears is the sound with a frequency of 25Hz-20KHz. Therefore, the frequency of the speaker should be at least 45Hz-20KHz to ensure that the effective hearing range of the human ear is basically covered. Generally speaking, the frequency response of multimedia computer speakers can basically meet the requirements within the range of 40Hz-20KHz.

2. Harmonic distortion, which refers to the sound reproduction distortion caused by the resonance phenomenon produced by the speaker. The index should be as small as possible.

3. Sensitivity. The higher the index value, the better the performance. The agility of ordinary speakers is generally 70dB-80dB.

4. Output power, including nominal power (ie continuous output power) and peak power (ie maximum output power). Nominal power refers to the maximum value of the speaker's output power when the speaker's harmonic distortion changes within the standard range; peak power refers to the maximum value of the speaker's instantaneous power under non-overloaded working conditions. When purchasing, pay attention to whether it is marked with nominal power or peak power.

How to choose a good computer speaker

5. Appearance selection, poor quality speakers are also poor in appearance and workmanship. Therefore, you must carefully observe whether there are bubbles or cracks on the surface of the box, and whether the switch is convenient to operate.

6. Choose from the sound effects, this is the key, the emphasis is on "listening." The specific listening method is to listen to the current sound first. At this time, unplug the audio input cable and adjust the volume to the maximum. The human ear should be about 20 cm away from the speaker and the noise should not be heard, or the noise is very weak. Then play it with a tune you are familiar with. Listen carefully to the sound. Make sure that the bass is heavy but not muddy, the treble is bright but not sharp, and the midrange is mellow. Misleading business operations. At the same time, pay attention to the sound of poor contact when the adjusting knob on the speaker is turned.

The last thing to note is that the various power connections, switches, and plugs on the speakers should meet the safety requirements

If these accessories are fake and inferior products, it is conceivable that the quality of this speaker will not improve. In addition, the purchased computer speakers should have anti-magnetic performance. If the anti-magnetic performance of the speakers is not good, the display will be magnetized, which will reduce the display quality.
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