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How to buy laptop speakers

2021-04-30 385
How to buy laptop speakers

For many friends, the main consideration for purchasing notebook speakers is the size. However, we still need to pay attention to many details. So how to buy a notebook speaker? It can ensure that its sound effect is much better than that of the notebook itself.

1. Choose 2.0 speakers
The 2.0 here means two-channel. This will be a very headache for choosing 1.0 or 2.0. However, the 1.0 speaker has only one cabinet, which has certain advantages in carrying. However, because he only has one speaker, there is no distinction between left and right channels, so the surround sound effect cannot be achieved. Although 2.0 speakers have more speakers, the surround effect is significantly better than 1.0. In addition, it is more suitable to talk when watching movies and listening to music. Therefore, we need to choose 2.0 speakers.

2. Choose a speaker that matches the shape of the computer
This is the need to reflect the user’s aesthetic level. If you think that the focus is on the quality of the sound, you can

Three, pay attention to the sound quality
This is the core content of the speaker, and we cannot ignore the overall sound quality for its portability and appearance. Therefore, when choosing a notebook speaker, it is indispensable to understand the speaker unit of the speaker and conduct an actual audition, otherwise the products you buy will make consumers uncomfortable.

Fourth, the price
This is a key issue. It has a certain relationship with the speaker brand. Of course, the price will never be separated from the value. This is an eternal fact. Like a good speaker, it costs 150 yuan, and it is still worth buying.

How to buy laptop speakers

Five, power supply system
The main consideration for the selection of the power supply system is the portability of the notebook computer, so a usb plug is required. Of course, the usb selection is based on whether to improve the overall sound quality of the speakers.

Six, speaker materials
The material of the speaker is best to choose the material that is resistant to fall. This is because of the portability of the notebook computer, so when the speaker is purchased, whether the speaker is resistant to fall. Therefore, it is best to choose metal and plastic followed by poor mixed materials.

Seven, output power
When choosing a notebook computer, the most difficult choice is the choice of output power, because it needs to meet the use of USB in the power supply system. If you want a larger output power, you must give up the portability of USB. However, those who choose 6W can still be found.

8. Frequency response range
This determines the effect of high and low sounds. For example, a set of parameters 80Hz~20KHz, we can say that the high and low sounds of the speaker can still play a pretty good effect.

The above are the points to pay attention to how to buy notebook speakers. Buy a speaker and try it back. Listening to music and watching movies can be more enjoyable.
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