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What is a mobile phone speaker

2021-04-30 395
The mobile phone speaker is a new kind of speaker that is gradually emerging with the mobile phone. Currently, there are not many speakers specifically for mobile phones, but with the advent of Bluetooth speakers, mobile phone Bluetooth can be easily matched with speaker Bluetooth, so that many Bluetooth speakers can actually be called mobile phone speakers. Nowadays, most speaker brands are gradually involved in entering the field of mobile phone speakers, beginning to focus on the development and research of speaker products in this field, which also indicates that mobile phone speakers will become a new trend in the future.

The development history of mobile phone speakers

With the birth of mobile phone speakers, we have to talk about Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a radio technology that supports device short-distance communication (generally within 10m). It can exchange information wirelessly among many devices including mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, and related peripherals. The use of "Bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal devices, and also successfully simplify the communication between the device and the Internet, so that data transmission becomes faster and more efficient, and broadens the way for wireless communication. Bluetooth uses a distributed network structure, fast frequency hopping and short packet technology, supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication, and works in the global 2.4GHz ISM (ie, industrial, scientific, and medical) frequency band. Its data rate is 1Mbps. The time division duplex transmission scheme is adopted to realize full duplex transmission.

What is a mobile phone speaker

The development history of mobile phone speakers
Wireless connections
The mobile phone speakers on the market all use the wireless Bluetooth link mode, which is restricted by the conditions of the mobile phone itself. However, the popularity of mobile phone Bluetooth provides unique conditions and foundation for the birth of this kind of mobile phone speakers.
Mobile phone speaker features: wireless connection
Small size and portable
Mobile phone speakers are used to link mobile phones to play. The size of mobile phones also determines the size of the speakers. Generally, mobile phone speakers are relatively small and portable. However, some relatively large Bluetooth speakers can also be connected to the mobile phone for playback, but they cannot be played with the mobile phone. Easy to move with the phone.
In 2013, with the continuous advancement of technology, a real mobile phone speaker has been born. It is a new type of digital audio product that combines a mobile phone and a speaker. Small and portable products are bound to usher in the revolution of speaker products.
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