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What is the difference between audio and speakers

2021-04-30 316
Many people don't understand the difference between audio and speakers, so are audio and speakers the same thing? Let's analyze it for everyone.

It can be seen from the composition of audio and speakers: audio is a sound restoration system with soul, speaker is a hardware device that produces sound. Speaker is an integral part of audio, and speaker is a kind of terminal equipment for audio.

What is the difference between audio and speakers

The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, and its function is to convert audio energy into corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space.

It is an extremely important part of the sound system, because it is responsible for the key task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for human ears to listen directly. It has to directly deal with human hearing, which is very sensitive. And has a strong ability to distinguish the timbre of complex sounds.

So audio and speakers are two concepts, don't confuse friends.
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