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How to install computer speakers

2021-04-30 374
As everyone's requirements for music quality increase, everyone feels that the built-in audio of the computer cannot meet the requirements for music quality. Therefore, small computer speakers have become everyone's new favorite. Computer small speakers are professional audio equipment, which can improve the live stereo effect of music to a certain level, enhance sound effects, restore high-definition sound quality, and reduce interference and noise. However, small computer speakers are generally additional equipment that consumers configure outside the computer. Some friends will worry about the numerous jacks of the computer, so how to install the computer small speakers? The editor brings you a super detailed installation tutorial.

Check the front panel of the host computer

Because the small speakers need to be connected to the computer host to be effective, first move the host out and check the front panel and rear panel of the interface on the computer. In addition to the power button on the front panel, there are generally two small round holes, which are green and pink. The green hole is for connecting the speaker, and the pink hole is for connecting the microphone.

Check the back panel of the host computer

There are many jacks on the rear panel of the computer mainframe, and it looks very complicated. But we only need to find the most critical audio jack. Exclude other jacks of different shapes and find the bottom row of three or two rows of six jacks. There you can see the same two round jacks on the front panel, which are green and pink. The green hole is for connecting the speaker, and the pink hole is for connecting the microphone.

How to install computer speakers

Check the audio interface

The audio interface is divided into two types, one is one-to-two, and the other is one-to-one. One-to-two means that the data cable connecting the computer and the audio has one plug on one side and two plugs on the other. One-to-one means one plug on each side.

One turn two. You can see the jack settings on the audio equipment. There are four circular jacks. The two jacks above are written INPUT/input. These two are the jacks that can be connected to the computer with a data cable. The two jacks below, written OUTPUT/output, are used to connect the two tweeters of the audio, and these two holes are used to connect the audio power.

Connect the computer and audio with a data cable

Use the data cable that was configured when you purchased the small computer speaker to connect the computer and the speaker. One-to-two data cable, plug into the green jack of the computer with a single head, and connect the double head to the audio input jack. Note that it corresponds to the left channel and the right channel. For a one-to-one data cable, just plug one end of the data cable into the green jack of the computer and the other end into the audio input jack.

In fact, installing a small computer speaker is the same as inserting a headphone plug on a mobile phone, but the computer has more built-in jacks. The troublesome procedure is to find the two audio source jacks. After finding the jacks, just connect them to the speaker. Experience the high-quality music effect brought by the sound easily. If the sound changes or no sound occurs after the connection is made, you can pull out the plug and insert the plug, or swap the two plugs.
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