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How to place bookshelf speakers

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After a busy day, I can rest comfortably and enjoy the beautiful music when I return home, and my fatigue will disappear in an instant. But the prerequisite for such a life is to have a bookshelf speaker, and the placement must be in place. The following editor will introduce you to the placement method of bookshelf speakers.

The equilateral triangle method is commonly known as the near-field listening method. The first condition is that the bookshelf speakers must be away from the back wall (at least 1m or more) and side walls (at least 0.5m or more). The second condition is to draw the two bookshelf speakers and the listening position as an equilateral triangle. The third condition is that the inward projection angle of the two speakers should be 45° or more. The fourth condition is that this equilateral triangle can be large or small.

The room is small, the square is smaller when the power of the back stage is low; the square is bigger when the power of the back stage is large. The advantage of this method is that it can reduce the excessive interference of the reflected sound of the four walls on the direct sound of the speaker, so that a good sense of positioning and a wide and deep sound field can be obtained. This is the way to hear the most, the most direct, and the clearest details.

The length of the room is equally divided into three equal parts (three), and the width is also equally divided into three equal parts (three), and the bookshelf speakers are placed at the first equal point of intersection of length and width (one). The speakers can have a slight inward projection angle, even without projection inward, and the listening position cannot be against the back wall. This method is suitable for spaces with larger dimensions and uniform proportions.

How to place bookshelf speakers

Place the bookshelf speakers close to the back wall, and it doesn't matter if they are 50cm, 30cm, or 20cm away from the back wall, you can deploy them by yourself. Usually speakers do not need to project angles inward. Use it when the high frequency is sharp, the middle frequency, and the low frequency are weak. It can make the middle frequency and the low frequency full, and the whole high, middle and low frequencies can be balanced. However, it also makes the depth of the sound field shallower and narrower. However, it can be weighed against the harsh and unpleasant sound. It is the correct way to sacrifice the performance of the sound field to obtain a nice sound.

If the listening environment is complicated, the sound absorption may be asymmetrical, the room is too slender, and the sound of the sound is sharp, the midrange is thin, and the bass is not enough, the following "axis inside method" will be better. First place the bookshelf speakers between 1/3 and 1/2 of the length of the room, and then place the speakers as close to the side wall as possible. If the room is too wide, it does not have to be close to the side wall. The torsion angle of the speakers should be greater than 45 degrees, and the listening position should be about 0.5m to 1m after the intersection of the projection angles of the two speakers.

Method: Divide the length of the room into three equal parts (three), the bookshelf speakers are placed at one third of the length (1), and the distance between the two speakers is 0.7 times the length of the two thirds of the room (7). The bookshelf speakers should preferably have a slight inward projection angle, but it does not matter if there is no inward projection, and the listening position should not be against the back wall. Effect: This method is used in a space with a large size and a uniform ratio (for example, about 1:1.25:1.6 or about 1:1.6:2.5) to obtain a balanced sound and a wide and deep sound field.

The above introduction is the common method for the placement of bookshelf speakers. After reading the introduction of the editor, you have some understanding of the knowledge of the placement of bookshelf speakers! Whether the bookshelf speakers are placed well or not in place directly determines the sound effect and our comfort level, so this issue cannot but arouse our attention and attention!
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