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How about high-end bookshelf speakers?

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When we are still choosing which speakers have good sound effects and are entangled, the other speaker amplifiers, some people are already pursuing other functions of the speakers. Compared with those traditional speaker amplifiers, they are more rare, refined and high-quality. High-end bookshelf speakers can better demonstrate people's taste.

The working principle of the bookshelf box is the same as that of the drop-down speakers. There are certain differences between the two in structure and listening environment requirements. First of all, from the appearance point of view, the volume of the bookshelf box is small, usually only 1/3 or 1/4 the size of ordinary floor-standing speakers. Another aspect that is different from floor-standing speakers is that the bookshelf box usually only uses two speaker units, one for the treble and one for the bass, while the floor-standing speakers usually have three or more speakers. Thirdly, due to the size limitation of the bookshelf box, the bass unit is not as big as the bass of floor-standing speakers, usually only 6 inches or even smaller. As for the inner structure of the bookshelf box, there is usually only one box room, unlike a floor box with a separate bass sound box.

In addition, when the bookshelf box is working, a pair of professional tripods are required. It is worth mentioning that the tripod of the bookshelf box is very important. It is not only responsible for the function of supporting the box, but at the same time it can reduce the resonance of the box due to vibration, so that the sound quality can be guaranteed. The tripod support can make the bass of the bookshelf box stronger and more flexible. Therefore, if you buy a bookshelf box, it is recommended to use the professional tripod configured by the original factory.

How about high-end bookshelf speakers?

Due to its small size, it does not take as much space as a floor box when placed. In today's age of inches of earth and gold, the smaller the space occupied, the better.

Some audiophiles, in order to get a good sound, specially ask acoustic experts to make field measurements, provide professional data, make changes, and even more, dismantle the entire wall and build it again... But after all, this is a minority. According to the author's understanding, Many consumers do not want to make major changes to the original listening environment after purchasing audio. In a small listening environment, the bookshelf box can achieve seven to eight results after adjustment, while the floor box is not easy.

Each piece of equipment has its best side. As far as the bookshelf box is concerned, part of the bass is sacrificed to focus on the treble and mid-bass. Therefore, the treble and mid-bass of the bookshelf box is usually beyond the reach of floor-standing speakers. The bookshelf box can get better auditory effects when playing music that is not very low-frequency, such as vocals, strings, and violin.

Due to the limited volume of the bookshelf box, it is not a strong point for music with great dynamics and strong low frequencies. At the same time, singing karaoke with a high-end bookshelf box is even more violent and difficult. Therefore, the bookshelf box can only provide consumers with the purest music appreciation. If you want to use it for multiple functions, it is not suitable to buy. Those who are used to enjoy the home theater need to be equipped with a subwoofer. However, it is a waste to play the theater with a bookshelf box worth more than 10,000 yuan. The listening area of the bookshelf box should not be too large, otherwise the auditory effect is not ideal. If your listening area does not exceed 30 square meters, you can consider it.

So when we buy bookshelf speakers, if I have a very high pursuit of the price and quality of the products, then there is really no need to buy those more expensive high-end bookshelf speakers. It is completely unnecessary. Those mid-range bookshelf speakers can completely satisfy us. Demand.
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