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About the material of the speaker

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There is an established conclusion that everyone agrees that wooden speakers are better than other materials. There are even some start-up brands that talk about wooden boxes when they don't have any advantages to promote. The plastic speakers are considered cheap, low-quality, and poor sound. There are many DIY speakers in recent years, and they use different materials, including plexiglass, plastic 3D printing, high-density boards, solid wood boards, sandwich boards, solid biological shells, and ceramics. It is necessary to rectify the names of some unrecognized materials.

Logs are really the best?
The fact is not, solid wood is indeed an excellent natural material, but there is a lot of uncertainty. It is difficult to find two pieces of wood with the same grain, internal texture and even density. This is obviously fatal for high-fidelity stereo speakers. of. But because of the extremely slow growth rate of wood, wood is generally considered noble. But in manufacturing speakers, deep processing is required.

Sandwich board
Sandwich board is the optimized wood. Its density and other parameters tend to be the same, and it can be pressed into different curved surfaces with a simple mold. For example, B&W likes to press multiple thin wood boards into a barrel box. BBC's famous 35A small bookshelf is made of standard 12mm sandwich panels. The advantage is that the cost is low and meets the requirements.

About the material of the speaker

Density board
It is also a kind of board optimized from wood. The advantages are low price, the same board quality, delicate, easy to cut into different versions, and diversified surface treatment. Many speakers are made of MDF.

Common in small speakers, more low-priced multimedia speakers, so the image is not good, is considered to be synonymous with cheap and low quality. Many people think that plastic speakers are not good. But perhaps this is the biggest unjust case in the speaker industry. Plastic itself is not cheap, and the processing cost is very high. To be honest, it is not suitable for the manufacture of large speakers, and the cost is too high. And why a large number of cheap speakers will be used, because plastic can be copied in large quantities, coupled with the practice of cutting corners, can greatly reduce the thickness of the material to reduce material costs and processing costs. In fact, many famous brand products are also available in quantity speakers. For example, some professional speakers of JBL are made of integral plastic injection. According to ABS plastic, the cheapest meal is 15,000. In fact, most of them use more expensive PC plastics, and the material cost is high. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of sets of such large molds at every turn, and injection molding of large boxes and thick plastic plates also requires a large injection molding machine. These are huge costs. And small speakers such as BOSE and other satellite speakers are also used, of course, the purpose is only mass production and good consistency, and the material is basically not wasted. KEF, etc. also have some speakers made of plastic for the front panel and rear panel. Plastic has a balanced density and good consistency, which is actually a good material for making speakers. Why a large number of large speakers use wood, because wood is cheaper.

I have never seen the ceramic speakers sold as a whole. Most of them are DIY works of masters. Ceramic cups + speakers of suitable caliber, sealed with wooden panels, can also become good small speakers. High hardness, no resonance, clean sound. The problem is not big.

About the material of the speaker

There are HIFI brands that use glass panels to make speakers, but they seem to have average sales. If the glass speaker is too large, it needs to be thickened to prevent resonance. Generally speaking, it is also suitable for making small speakers, but it is always as fragile as ceramics that makes people worry. I tried to make a pair of small speakers with glasses and speakers to use as computer speakers. Drilling the glass is not that simple. After drilling out a few McDonald's World Cup commemorative Coke cups, I made a pair.

Biological shell
I DIY a pair of 3-inch speakers made of Nautilus shell. They are real Nautilus. It took a long time to find a pair of snails with very similar sizes. It is made by externally hanging some resin boxes. To be honest, the sound is good.

In fact, any material is determined by the manufacturer according to the actual situation and craftsmanship. It does not say which material is better than which material, only the design is good and the design is poor, and the purpose of the manufacturer is different. Good speakers, all plastic is also very nice, bad speakers, the whole set of logs is also a mess. So when choosing a speaker, you should not only look at the housing material and brand. First, find out whether the manufacturer is planning to make the speaker or the market. No matter how good the brand is, some products that sound on the street will come out and run, because most people think that brand + appearance equals quality.
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