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The difference between surround speakers and main speakers

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The main speaker is generally single and large in size. There are more than two surround speakers. Generally, the main speaker is used to restore the main sound field. For example, the voice of a character in a movie is sounded from the main speaker, and the ambient sound is in turn responsible for the surround speakers. The main speaker is generally placed in the front, and the surround speakers are placed in the rear or on the left and right sides. The following specifically introduces the difference between the two:

1. Generally, the main box body is relatively large, if it is the same size box, the surround may be two-way. If they are exactly the same, then there is no need to distinguish. Both can be used as front or surround speakers. Many 5.1 speakers are exactly the same 5 speakers, there is no difference between front speakers and surround speakers. However, a subwoofer needs to be prepared in the surround speaker system;

The difference between surround speakers and main speakers

2. In terms of appearance, it is possible to change it, but in terms of hardware design and tuning direction, there are still many differences between the main speaker and the surround speaker. If the replacement is performed, the surround effect will be affected;

3. In terms of speaker power, it is obvious that the power of the main speaker is higher, while the surround sound box, the bass frequency is above 70 Hz, the bass is not very good, and the power of the surround sound box is below 100W, because the surround sound, It is multi-channel, and the power of the power amplifier is not large;

The above is the answer about the difference between the surround speakers and the main speakers. I hope it can help everyone.
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