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Decrypt some questions about the purchase of wireless speakers

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Zeshui has already released a series of speaker purchasing skills, and it seems that wireless speakers have not been mentioned separately, because in terms of the speed of IT product development, it seems that all peripheral products have wireless versions. Including but not limited to commonly used items such as headphones, keyboards, and mice, and even wireless products such as graphics cards and projectors have already been available. The reason is very simple. The wireless products can be free from the constraints of wires, and users can move as they please, without worrying about the fetters of wire length problems, and without considering the annoying wiring problems, let alone studying how to clean up the dust under these wires. In short, wireless products are much easier to use than wired products.

Just like the usage requirements mentioned above, the speaker has a wireless version a long time ago, but the wireless speaker at that time was the connection between the subwoofer and the satellite speaker was wireless, and the connection from the sound source to the speaker The connection still uses a wired connection, which does not seem to be a true wireless speaker. From here on, if not specifically pointed out, the wireless speakers we mentioned all refer to the connection between the speaker and the sound source as a wireless connection, which is the true wireless speaker. Next, Zifan will sort out some questions about the purchase of wireless speakers for you!

What is the essential difference between wireless speakers and wired speakers?
It should be noted that there is no structural distinction between wireless speakers, and there is a clear difference from traditional wired speakers 2.1, 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and other structural types. The wireless speaker integrates all the units in the cabinet, and the low frequency part is taken care of by the woofer or the missed radiator. Although there are also unit structure types as a whole, there is no obvious difference from the physical experience, so the wireless speaker also belongs to Within the scope of integrated speakers.

Why is it that the early wireless speakers are of little practical significance?
Early wireless speakers were specifically designed for multi-channel surround speakers, especially products such as 5.1 and 7.1. After users have finished decorating, it is difficult to complete the rear two-channel wiring, so more and more users are beginning to yearn for the emergence of wireless surround speakers, so wireless speakers have emerged. However, the unscientific demand for such a wireless speaker is also unscientific.

Decrypt some questions about the purchase of wireless speakers

First of all, this wireless speaker solves the signal transmission problem, but the power supply problem still cannot be solved. Users still have to open the wall and install a few sockets to power the rear speakers, which is quite superfluous;

Secondly, if this wireless speaker is battery-powered, not to mention the trouble of charging first between each use, just the annoying battery life is enough to make users crazy: halfway through watching a Titanic The speaker has to be removed and charged. This feeling is probably like a sneeze but can't get it out;

Finally, due to the inherent defects of this kind of wireless speaker, it is susceptible to interference, and there is a certain delay problem, which is fatal to the components in the home theater system. Taking into account all the above shortcomings, this kind of wireless speakers does exist, but there are few sets of sales.

Wireless speaker

Why choose wireless speakers?
Choosing a wireless speaker is based on its convenient connection method and freely controllable product attributes. This is the biggest advantage of wireless speakers. If it is an ordinary Bluetooth speaker, as long as it is a digital player with Bluetooth connection function, it can be connected to it. You can take this wireless Bluetooth speaker to any place you want, including outdoor hiking, outing barbecue, and even mountain climbing adventure. There is no problem at all. And a wireless speaker using WiFi connection can network multiple such products, and control the song, volume and switch control of each speaker through the APP, so as to achieve the perfect integration of the entire home environment. Is this gameplay? Very attractive to you?

How is the sound quality of wireless speakers?
Of course, I have to talk about the sound quality of wireless speakers. Early wireless speaker products obviously did not support wireless transmission due to technical limitations. However, from the perspective of current mainstream wireless speakers, the wireless transmission rate has completely exceeded the amount of data transmitted by lossless music, so the sound quality of wireless speakers , It seems to be an over-worried issue today.

to sum up
There are not many advantages of wireless, especially for users who like clean desktops. I believe that all kinds of wired devices have already made you exhausted. Yes, because Zifan and I are such a person, I feel uncomfortable seeing the line, especially When a neat desktop is used, the keyboard, mouse, and speakers are very tangled. It is said that there is always a lot of convenience in the wireless era. At the same time, it is also necessary to worry about the use capacity, battery life, etc., such as Zifan Now I use Logitech Wireless Master Mouse, and the battery life is still very good. Anyway, I already like the feeling of wireless.
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