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Carrier type of wireless speakers

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Simply put, the carrier type is actually a wireless connection instead of a wired connection, a new connection between the speaker and the sound source, so as to achieve the purpose of making the speaker work normally. Since it is a wireless connection, there must be three or six ways of wireless connection, but it is nothing more than FM, 2.4G, Kleer, Bluetooth, infrared and other common concentrations.

Wireless speaker
There is a brand-new wireless carrier method that must be mentioned in the wireless speaker, that is, the WiFi method. As the name implies, wireless speakers that use WiFi as the carrier method must have the intervention of a router to work properly, which means that such wireless speaker products have slightly higher restrictions on the use environment, such as a wireless network. However, due to the large data transmission volume of WiFi wireless speakers, the sound quality is generally much better than other types of wireless speakers, and the playability is greatly improved, so only high-end wireless speakers will use WiFi as the carrier method, and The price is not cheap.

Although there are many types of wireless speakers, and the carrier methods are also diverse, there are not many mainstream models. Judging from the analysis of some types of products with high attention on the market, it can be roughly divided into two categories: Bluetooth wireless speakers and WiFi wireless speakers, and they are designed for different user groups. So, what are the differences and connections between these two wireless carrier-based speaker products? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look at Zifan with everyone

Bluetooth wireless speaker

It can be seen from the name that this wireless speaker is a product that uses Bluetooth as the carrier mode, and the biggest advantage is its strong compatibility. At present, mainstream digital devices are equipped with a Bluetooth module, which means that these products can be connected to Bluetooth wireless speakers through Bluetooth, and used as a sound source, which is far better than other types of wireless speaker products in terms of compatibility and ease of use.

Carrier type of wireless speakers

Bluetooth wireless speakers can be made relatively small in size, and can be powered by dry batteries, so they can meet the needs of going out, and if they are connected wirelessly, users can put the audio source in a school bag or pocket to avoid accidental fall to the audio source. In addition, some small Bluetooth wireless speakers are equipped with a call function. Users can connect them to a mobile phone to form a compact call system. Whether it is a car Bluetooth call or a conference call, the Bluetooth wireless speaker can be competent of.

Features: relatively small in size, easy to carry, built-in lithium battery or available dry battery, can be carried outdoors for use; good compatibility; some products come with phone call function; the price is relatively lower than WiFi wireless speakers;

Disadvantages: Due to the limitation of Bluetooth data transmission, the sound quality is not as good as WiFi wireless speakers.

WiFi wireless speaker
WiFi wireless speakers use wireless network as the carrier frequency, so the amount of data that can be transmitted is large. The most direct benefit is lossless playback. Even large files in lossless format can still be played easily without forced reduction of compression rate or intermittent In the situation, this point is significantly better than the general Bluetooth wireless speaker.

The current mainstream WiFi wireless speakers are divided into two camps, one is the airplay camp developed by major speaker manufacturers around Apple, and the other is the speaker products of the self-organizing WiFi wireless system led by sonos. Although there have been controversies about the closed and open solutions, the commonality between the two is also very obvious, that is, the wireless speakers can be controlled through the APP, and different speakers can specify different songs, different volumes, or even turn off. The speaker itself can also be easily done. As a bedside speaker, it can support alarm wake-up operation, which is a very useful function for home users.

Features: Guaranteed sound quality, lossless playback; usually large in size, and are basically home base speaker products;

Disadvantages: no built-in battery, can not be carried and used; pairing is a little troublesome; the price is higher.
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