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Wireless speaker selection guide and tips

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There are many types of wireless speakers. Although speakers are not a necessity in life, they are not too sloppy, so the purchase is even more dazzling and big. Just from the various questions and technologies about wireless speakers in front of the tears.net. Many people are deceived, so as an ordinary user, should I buy a Bluetooth speaker or a WiFi speaker? In fact, it's quite simple, you don't need to be too entangled with the various parameters of the speaker, so its choice can be purchased according to the principle of enough to avoid waste of performance and financial loss. In fact, the positioning of each type of wireless speaker is quite clear, and you only need to figure out your own use environment and use requirements.

Wireless speaker
For example, for ordinary entry-level users, just to experience the fun and charm of a wireless speaker, then a few hundred yuan Bluetooth wireless speaker can fully meet the needs of use. As Zifan mentioned in the article on tearsnow.com, Bluetooth wireless speakers have good compatibility. Ordinary devices have Bluetooth function and can be played after connection, which is in line with the habits of most users.

If you want the wireless speaker to be used as a car Bluetooth system or to hold a conference call, it is recommended to choose a product with a built-in microphone, which will enable the wireless speaker to realize the call function, greatly broaden the user's range of use, and make the best use of the material. In addition, if you have other usage requirements, you can also choose the corresponding products, such as products with TF card reader or FM radio function, which can further improve the user experience.

If you are a DIY expert or digital enthusiast who has a certain amount of hands-on ability, then I definitely recommend buying a WiFi wireless speaker. Although such products may have some problems in installation and debugging, the advantages of superior sound quality, high playability, and good user experience cannot but be mentioned. Of course, WiFi wireless speakers are generally not cheap, and the price of tens of thousands (the price of WiFi wireless speaker systems is higher) is not acceptable to ordinary users, so it is recommended to have certain capabilities including economic and practical capabilities. Users make purchases.

If it is an ordinary wired speaker, I believe that the operation process of plugging in, connecting the sound source, and turning on the power is already familiar to most users, but it seems that we need to relearn the use of wireless speakers, the use of wireless speakers and some special features. Sex is also an aspect that needs to be paid attention to in the purchase process.

Paired connection
Students who have used wireless headphones know that they must be paired the first time they are used. The same is true for wireless speakers. Different carrier technologies have different pairing methods.

Bluetooth speaker-If you are using a Bluetooth speaker, it is necessary to pair the speaker with the audio source before use. Usually turn on the power of the Bluetooth speaker, it will automatically enter the pairing state, some products need to manually switch the pairing mode, when the indicator light flashes or alternates, you can pair after searching with the audio source. This is the first pairing process. The paired Bluetooth speakers and audio sources will be automatically connected the next time they are used, without pairing.

Wireless speaker selection guide and tips

NFC wireless speaker
Of course, in order to simplify the pairing process, some Bluetooth speakers integrate the NFC function-to pair the Bluetooth speaker with a mobile phone product with NFC function, you only need to touch and stick to complete the pairing process, which greatly simplifies the user's operation . At present, there are more and more Bluetooth speakers with NFC function, which will become standard in mid-to-high-end products in the future.

WiFi wireless speakers-whether it is an ad hoc network or an airplay system, all need to be configured and connected. Although there are very detailed instructions and pairing instructions, it still seems a bit difficult for some users. In order to continue to reduce this difficulty, some brands can also complete the pairing through the operation on the APP, which also improves the user experience to a certain extent.

Generally speaking, after several generations of development of wireless connection technologies such as Airplay, the usability and ease of use have gradually improved. However, it should be noted that WiFi wireless speakers have higher requirements for the network environment. It is recommended that users set up a dedicated network for wireless speakers as much as possible when family conditions permit, so as to avoid interference.

Size placement
It’s always unsafe to wear headphones to listen to music when going out and walking. Especially the elderly take a walk, it is not safe to wear earphones. Most elderly people are not used to earphones. It is quite reliable to have a speaker in your pocket; a family or a few friends drive to the outer suburbs for barbecue or camping. You can consider A slightly larger Bluetooth speaker...In this way, the size of the speaker still needs to be considered.

Wireless speaker

The size has actually been mentioned before. Bluetooth speakers are large and small, so small that they can be carried around for walking, climbing, etc.; home wireless speakers can be slightly larger in size, and Bluetooth and WiFi two carrier technology products are available.

Compared with wired speakers, the placement requirements of wireless speakers are not so high. Most of the wireless speakers are all-in-one designs, you can place them where you think is the most suitable, nothing more. For example, a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can put it in a bicycle basket, tie it to a backpack, or even put it in your clothes pocket...

However, for WiFi wireless speakers, users need to place them where there is a power source to facilitate the power supply of the speakers themselves, because these products do not have a built-in battery. In addition, some WiFi wireless speakers come with a network port, and the signal will be more stable if they are connected to the router by wire. At this time, you need to pay attention to the speakers should be close to the router to avoid messy network cable connections.

Not all speakers have to be boxy and rigid. For such a free product as a wireless speaker, the form of it must of course be more unrestrained!

Power supply and battery life
Since it is a wireless speaker, the power supply of the speaker itself is particularly important. At present, WiFi speakers are basically powered by 220V, and they can work where there is a power socket. Yes, WiFi speakers basically have no built-in batteries, and there is no endurance. As for Bluetooth speakers, most Bluetooth speakers have built-in lithium batteries. , And the charging jack is now the mainstream miniUSB, and users can easily find a place to charge it.

In terms of battery life, ordinary Bluetooth speakers can provide 4-10 hours of battery life. The specific time is affected by the size of the speaker, the volume and the user's playing habits. It is not very certain, but in general, this time can fully satisfy the user when going out. Use the needs of the day.

Control the sound source
One thing that needs to be explained is that wireless speakers can control the sound source, and the control methods are also varied. The bluetooth speakers can be used to play, pause, high volume, low volume, fast forward, rewind, and force disconnection of the sound source through the buttons on the speaker. Some Bluetooth speakers with microphones support call services. It is quite practical for users who have conference calls or want Bluetooth speakers to support in-vehicle calls.

In terms of WiFi wireless speakers, the operations on the speakers themselves are almost very limited, only a few items including the power switch and pairing keys, which are very different from Bluetooth speakers. However, if you operate it through the included APP (iTunes) software, it is as simple as using a PC to operate a wired speaker, and there is no actual difference at all.

About waterproofing
Waterproof wireless speaker
Yes, there are waterproof wireless speakers! However, it seems to be limited to Bluetooth speakers. The design concept is to allow users to listen to music while taking a bath... For these Bluetooth speakers that support the three-proof function, they can be safely taken outdoors. Generally, rain and splashing are There is no big problem, you can read the product instructions carefully for waterproofing issues.

Although wireless speakers are not expensive gadgets, the necessary maintenance is still necessary, at least to allow this cute little guy to play with you for a few more years. In general, the maintenance of wireless speakers is nothing more than avoiding bumps, falling, etc., because after all, the plastic shell is still very fragile.

In addition, because Bluetooth speakers are powered by lithium batteries, it is necessary to avoid overcharging and overdischarging as much as possible to ensure the service life of lithium batteries.
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