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What is a full-range speaker

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A speaker made of only one full-range speaker is called a full-range speaker. The biggest difference between it and an ordinary speaker is that it has only one speaker. The ordinary speaker generally uses a crossover to separate the high, medium, and low frequencies. There are two speakers. It varies from N to N.

Full-frequency, as the name implies, refers to a wide frequency range and a wide coverage. The previous full-frequency speakers covered a frequency range of 200-10000Hz. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of acoustic technology, the general full-frequency speakers can now reach 50—— In the frequency range of 25000Hz, the low frequency of some speakers can go down to 30Hz.

The frequency range that the human ear can hear is 20-20000Hz. The full-frequency speaker can basically cover all the sound of the human ear can hear the frequency range, but unfortunately, the current full-frequency speaker on the market, although it is Full range, in fact, most of its frequencies are concentrated in the mid-range range, and the expressive power of heavy bass and treble is slightly weaker, so the sound heard is relatively flat, and the three-dimensional feeling is not so strong.

What is a full-range speaker

Features/advantages of full-range speakers: point sound source, so the phase is accurate; the timbre of each frequency band tends to be the same, and it is easy to bring better sound field, imaging degree, instrument separation and level. Because of the strong expressive power in the mid-frequency stage, it happens that most of the human voices are mainly mid-frequency. Therefore, the full-range speaker is very suitable for listening to the human voice, and the distortion rate of the ear is low, and the human voice is quite full and natural.

Disadvantages of full-range speakers: The design and final performance of each frequency band will be constrained because of the need to meet the needs of different frequency bands in design. The extension at both ends of the high and low frequencies is relatively limited, and the transient and dynamic are relatively compromised.
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