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What is a crossover speaker

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A crossover speaker means that its frequency range is staged, and the signal frequency is more focused. Crossover speakers are generally built-in dual-frequency speakers or tri-frequency speakers or more. The frequency divider speaker is equipped with a frequency divider, which can split different audio signals into several parts, and transmit signals of different frequency bands to the corresponding speakers through the frequency divider.

What is a crossover speaker

Features/advantages of crossover speakers: Each frequency band is sounded by an independent unit, so each unit can work in the best condition. The extension of high and low frequencies is easier and better. The independent intermediate frequency unit can bring extremely high playback quality, and the overall electro-acoustic conversion efficiency is high.

Disadvantages of crossover speakers: Tone difference and phase difference exist between the units; the crossover network introduces new distortion to the system. The sound field, image resolution, separation and gradation are all more susceptible to influence, and the timbre may be deviated.
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