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What is a portable speaker

2021-04-27 403
Portable speakers generally refer to speakers currently on the market that support or can read memory processors such as SD, TF, and so on. Many speaker brands have produced card speakers. In addition to portable speakers, there are now many multimedia 2.1 speakers that also have card reading functions.

Portable speakers have gradually become a very popular element in social life because of their convenience, compactness and complete functions. General portable speakers have

Radio, card reading, support for mp3, wav multiple formats, and continue to develop over time, LCD display, song order, lyrics and music synchronization, content service, remote control and other more humanized functions are constantly being given For portable speakers, today, while portable speakers have become more and more perfect, competition is becoming more and more fierce, and portable speakers are facing a new direction of development. Different brands are seeking their own new breakthrough models.

What is a portable speaker

Portable speakers are different from traditional large speakers, which are easy to carry and small speakers. They are powered by their own dry batteries or lithium batteries, or they can be connected to a power supply.

1. You can directly play your SD/MMC card, U disk, MP3 format audio files. No need to switch, remember to read automatically. Enjoy mobile music with powerful multimedia music speakers, perfect mobile phone music player, support MP3, MP4, laptop, PC.
2. The 3.5mm standard interface connector specially designed for music phones and laptops. If customers require, we can provide matching interface connectors. It is also suitable for MP3/4, PC, and iPod. The speaker comes with a 3.5mm (for Nokia N95, etc.) multifunctional audio plug. The 3.5mm (Nokia N95) audio plug can be connected to the corresponding adapter to transform it into a dedicated audio plug for Nokia N73/N70 and a dedicated audio plug for Nokia N6300, so this speaker is suitable for all music players.
3. There is no need to consume the power of the mobile phone, and it carries a rechargeable lithium battery. It is a professional portable music device. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work for 2 to 5 hours, and the charging time is from 2 to 3 hours. With FM radio, after plugging in a U disk or SD card, the first few songs can be displayed during playback (no lyrics can be displayed).

The portable design is an effective way to simplify the connection and use of speakers, giving people a more concise feeling, so whether portable mini speakers or desktop mini speakers, there are many styles with integrated design.
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