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What is a wireless speaker

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Wireless speakers are: Bluetooth wireless speakers, wifi wireless speakers, 2.4G wireless speakers, FM wireless speakers, etc. From the early low-cost FM wireless speakers and high-cost 2.4G wireless speakers to Bluetooth wireless speakers and wifi wireless speakers, wireless Bluetooth speakers are accepted by consumers in terms of price, anti-interference effect, sound quality, and portability and popularity of use. Most of the above are based on Bluetooth wireless speakers.

What is a wireless speaker

Basic Information
Wireless speakers are generally called wireless instead of traditional wired transmission methods. It can be enjoyed wirelessly without the need for wire connection. If it is to be completely wireless, it is best to have a built-in large-capacity battery.

Common technologies that generally replace wired are:

What is a wireless speaker

1. Bluetooth technology
2.2.4G technology
3.WIFI technology
4. New infrared technology
Pros and cons
Bluetooth technology
Advantages: perfect support for tablets and mobile phones, stable transmission, generally 10 meters away,

Disadvantages: It is difficult to connect multiple speakers at the same time
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