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Home theater speaker material

2021-04-26 430
Home theater speaker material

The common home theater speakers on the market are made of plastic and wood.

Home theater speaker material

Two of the different materials have their own advantages. The advantage of plastic is that it is easy to process, the appearance can be made more beautiful, and it can be made at a very low cost in mass production. But it does not mean that plastic is synonymous with low-end, like some well-known foreign brands, using plastic materials can also make a good tone. However, domestic manufacturers have satisfactory indicators in terms of plastic material density and processing technology, and generally use plastic boxes in low- and mid-range products.

Most of the current low-priced wooden speakers use medium-density panels as the box material, while the high-priced ones mostly use real pure wood as the box material. To avoid box resonance and sealing Performance, ensuring the thickness of the cabinet boards, and the tightness of the bonding between the boards are all key factors that affect the sound quality.
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