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Southeast Asian e-commerce must know, Shopee platform first station selection strategy

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Shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has a total of eight sites. Each site has a different market and adapts to different products.
Sellers operate different sites at different stages, and the results are different. Therefore, whether to choose the first stop before opening a store or choose the second stop after the first stop, and the third stop, it is very important to understand the market background.
On the platform, three sites in Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines are currently open to Chinese sellers as the first sites to choose from. For sellers with good English level, the first stop in Malaysia is recommended

Malaysia is a relatively open newly industrialized economy with a large active market population and good international relations between Malaysia and China. So, what are the best categories sold on the Malaysian site? At present, in the Malay station, fashion apparel, beauty, toys and other categories are ranked in the top, and from the data point of view, the sales of these products have been increasing.
For some sellers who want to make women's clothing, they can choose Malaysia as their first stop. The feature of Malaysia Station is that the country of Malaysia has religious attributes. Islam is the state religion of Malaysia. Therefore, in the choice of clothing, we can also choose some traditional Islamic clothing and related accessories.
Malaysia has a tropical climate all year round, so selling winter clothes on the platform is very inappropriate. But even in summer, due to religious reasons, half of the people in Malaysia wear short sleeves and half of them wear long sleeves. So we can see that if you want to make a site, you must first understand the culture of the site. If you have any questions, you can also communicate with me. Wechat shopify101 is like if we choose women's clothing, owl, hellokitty, etc. patterns, it is the pattern that Malaysians prefer.
Through a general understanding of the culture, we can filter it out. Let's sell a summer fashion women's dress with a hellokitty pattern. We can guess that such a product is more popular in the Malaysian market.

Looking back, let’s look at the second largest site of the first stop, Taiwan Station, and the Shopee App in Taiwan. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times in Taiwan. It is the most popular mobile shopping platform in Taiwan. The shopping logistics channels in Taiwan are also compared. developed. Shopee has also opened store delivery and home delivery models in Taiwan, and also supports cash on delivery, which almost fully meets the payment and delivery needs of buyers.
Buyers from Taiwan, China are mainly 20 to 40 years old, and women's online shopping products are mainly women's clothing, maternal and baby products, household goods, and other categories. And men's online shopping mainly focuses on outdoor sports, leisure and entertainment, 3C electronics, luggage and other commodities. Of course, these products are also one of the hottest categories sold in Taiwan.
Here is a suggestion for everyone. If sellers who have problems with foreign languages can choose Taiwan or sell clothing yourself, but your clothing may not meet the aesthetic needs of foreign countries, you can also consider Taiwan.

Indonesia station is generally recommended as the third station or so. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and the most populous country in Southeast Asia, with a total population of more than 260 million people. Therefore, this market is currently experiencing a demographic dividend, and Indonesia’s population is relatively young and has very strong consumption potential. At the Indonesian station, beauty products and household products are the main consumer products. Indonesian girls use heavy makeup, so the consumption of beauty and makeup products is very large. However, Indonesia’s economy is not very developed. So it is suitable for selling some low-cost makeup.
In Indonesia, the number of female Internet users far exceeds the number of male Internet users. Maternal and child products, fashion accessories, household goods, clothing, etc., are significantly more sold on the platform. For sellers, this is a must-see site. But Indonesia is more sensitive to prices. So if there are sellers with low-cost sources. You can consider Indonesia in the second stop.

Singapore Station is the site with the strongest purchasing power among all the sites. Singapore's industry and economy are developed, and it is an important financial center in Southeast Asia and a transit point for international trade. The base camp of Xiaopi is also in Singapore.
Although Singapore has a small population, according to statistics, Singapore’s per capita annual income ranks sixth in the world. Singaporeans have high consumption potential. Coupled with loose import policies, Singaporeans tend to buy non-domestic imports. .
Singapore's car prices are relatively expensive, so products such as auto, motorcycle parts, car beauty, etc. can earn higher profits in Singapore. Of course, the difficulty of doing the Singapore station is a bit more difficult than other websites. The consumption habits of Singaporeans are similar to those of Europeans and Americans, and the quality requirements for content such as product pictures and blind dates are higher.

In Thailand, the most popular category is still clothing. The locals are very fond of retro prints on Hawaiian-style clothing. In addition, personal care products and cosmetics have a relatively high proportion of the e-commerce market.
Like Thailand Station, Vietnam Station, etc., belong to small language sites. There may be some difficulty in language. If sellers with minor language advantages are recommended to prefer sellers without minor language advantages, they can be listed in English on the smaller sites.

As for Vietnam’s population of nearly 100 million people, and Vietnam’s consumption habits are very similar to China’s, the main population in Vietnam is 18 to 35 years old. Hot products in the Vietnamese market, such as Korean women’s fashion accessories, children’s clothing and beauty, are very popular in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, electronic products and accessories are also very suitable for sales on Vietnamese sites, such as Apple phone cases, screen protectors, Data cable, charger, electric fan, earphone, etc.

Philippines Brazil
The Philippines station has always been a market neglected by sellers. But in fact, the competition in the Philippines is not strong. It used to be a site for novice sellers. Now the platform also uses it as the first stop. 3C digital products like electronic products are sold very well in the Philippines. The Brazil War is a new site for sellers. We can explore on our own, but Brazil’s overall aesthetic style of products may be somewhat different from Southeast Asia. Most of the Brazilian products have richer colors.
The above is the suggestion for you on the selection of the site of Xiaopi and the selection of product category of each site.
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