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Active speakers changed to passive speakers

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Active speaker: Built-in power amplifier circuit, it can work when power supply and signal input are connected.

Passive speaker: There is no power amplifier circuit inside, and an external power amplifier is required to work. For example, headphones are also equipped with a power amplifier, but because the output power is small, they can be integrated into a small volume.

Active speakers means that there is a set of circuits with power amplifiers inside the speakers. For example, most of the N.1 speakers used on computers are active speakers. It can be used directly by connecting it to the sound card of the computer, without the need for a special power amplifier. Disadvantages, the sound quality is limited by the sound signal source, and its power is also small, which is limited to home and personal use. Of course, the circuit inside may cause some resonance, electromagnetic interference and the like.

Audio is an indispensable household appliance in our lives to improve the quality of life, but how much do you know about it?

The difference between active audio and passive audio: Active audio refers to the audio with a large power amplifier. The power amplifier is used to drive the speakers in the audio and has been specially designed so that users do not need to consider other issues such as resistance. In addition, there is also an electronic frequency divider in the sound box. For a segment of audio signal, the efficiency of the amplifier can often be higher and the distortion is smaller. Some professional recording monitor speakers with built-in power amplifier circuits and electronic crossover speakers with built-in electronic crossover circuits and amplifiers can also be included in the active audio range. Active audio mainly uses integrated circuits as power amplifiers. The advantages are simple circuits, few external components, and basically no need for debugging. The disadvantage is that the sound is dry and hard, and the digital bit is heavier when connected to the computer audio source. Passive audio is called passive audio. Passive audio is our usual, ordinary audio without power amplifier circuit inside. Although the passive speaker does not have an amplifier, it has a crossover network and impedance compensation circuit. Active speakers usually mark parameters such as amplifier output power, input impedance, and input signal level. Passive speakers are marked with parameters such as impedance, power, and frequency range. There are only speakers and crossovers in the passive audio system, and the power amplifier and power supply are less than the active audio system.

Active speakers changed to passive speakers

Active speakers changed to passive speakers

What is an active speaker?
Let's talk about the composition of the sound system first. A simple sound system consists of 3 links: power amplifier, sound source and speakers. The audio source is a sound playback device such as a CD player, VCD, DVD, etc. For computers, optical drives and sound cards are audio source devices. Generally, the output signal of the audio source is small, between hundreds of millivolts and two volts. Direct connection to the audio may cause the sound to be very small, which may cause damage to the audio source equipment.

The main operation method: because the passive speaker only lacks the power amplifier and power supply, so only need to remove the power supply and power amplifier board in the speaker, and then connect the speaker to the audio input port. It should be noted here that the positive and negative of the speakers are not reversed. Otherwise, there will be no sound.

Active speakers changed to passive speakers
Note: After the change, you need to add an amplifier to make the sound, and you can't buy a low-priced amplifier from Nanwu. The audio cable must be made by yourself, there is no need to buy it.

Active speakers changed to passive speakers
Personal opinion: If your active speaker is broken and you want to change it to passive, I think it’s easier to repair it. Most of it is because the transformer is burned out, or the power amplifier integrated block is burned. There is not much money to change these two, up to ten Money is easy to solve. Personally feel that the change is not worth it.
It cannot be changed for non-professionals. In theory, it can be changed, but the effect after the change can be imagined, and it will not be too good. And it’s not easy for me to get it, so I can get it from a repairer. After all, active audio and passive audio are not just the difference between having a power supply and no power supply, they are very complicated, even if it is repaired by professionals, the effect is not necessarily good.
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