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Hand-in-hand troubleshooting to teach you to solve the problem of speaker noise

2021-04-25 464
In the daily use of computers, audio products are indispensable, which is the meaning of "no sound can be played without sound". However, during use, these audio products are likely to have some problems. In response to these questions, we have organized, summarized and optimized, and concentrated answers to some common problems in the use of speakers and headphones that netizens often use.

Today, the fault we are going to look at is "what should I do if there is noise in the speakers"?

The problem of noise in the speaker is caused by multiple faults. The most typical one is the leakage of electricity outside the chassis, and the connection line itself is not plugged in properly, so noise will appear. In fact, problems such as mobile phone interference or unit damage can easily cause noise, which requires more attention in the use of speaker products.

Satellite speaker is damaged
The cause of noise in the speakers, a large part of the root of the problem is the damage of the satellite speakers or the sub-box. This failure may be caused by the amplifier circuit part of the cabinet, or by the speaker itself. For example, if the volume is turned on too loudly when listening to a song, causing the treble or bass part of the speaker unit to break or be damaged, noise will appear when you continue to use it.

Solution: If it is really caused by this reason, then unfortunately, we can't solve the problem fundamentally, and this can only send your speakers for repair.

File quality issues
Nowadays, online music is very popular, and many songs are downloaded from the Internet, which is convenient to use; however, it is precisely because of this open platform that the quality of the files is uneven. For example, some music files are not small when downloaded, but the quality is not very high, which will cause noise during playback. This is a problem that occurs during the file suppression process and is almost impossible to solve.

Solution: It can only improve the quality of music files, but there is no other way.

Line input is not real

Regardless of whether it is a 2.1 speaker or a 2.0 speaker, there is a connection line from the sound source to the speaker, which is the signal line of the line input. If this signal line is not connected properly, it is likely to cause noise. For example, the general 3.5mm signal cable is a two-level plug, if it is not plugged in, there will definitely be noise or even one side of the channel does not sound. Of course, if the line input is not real, it will cause leakage of the chassis itself into the audio line, and the noise will become more serious.

Hand-in-hand troubleshooting to teach you to solve the problem of speaker noise

Solution: Insert a solid signal line and ground the chassis

Causes of cell phone interference
If your speaker only has noise in one special situation, then it can almost be determined that it is the problem of mobile phone interference: the speaker works normally most of the time, and the speaker will have regular noise when a call or text message is incoming. , Resulting in abnormal use. In fact, this is related to the power amplifier of the speaker. With the popularization of Class D digital power amplification, this phenomenon is expected to disappear.

Solution: Take away your mobile phone and replace a set of digital amplifier speakers.

Sound card driver problem
This phenomenon is very common and atypical. It only occurs at special times. I have encountered it once anyway. There was a new noise from the speaker, and all the troubleshooting methods were exhausted, but the problem disappeared after reinstalling the sound card driver. Don't throw away your speakers when you are most desperate. Try another sound card driver.
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