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How to ship without supply in shopee

2021-02-01 576
Shopee recommends freight forwarding without supply of goods, because the product is not in your own hands, if you send it yourself, you need to send the product to your own hand, and then we will pack it (two layers of packaging are required, and shopee’s international logistics sheet needs to be affixed inside, outside It is our domestic logistics sent to shopee warehouse). Freight forwarders are usually located close to the warehouse, and they can send us to the shopee warehouse on the same day, which is very convenient and fast.

There are two shipping channels for shopee:

How to ship without supply in shopee

Shopee's own logistics SLS, we deliver the products to shopee's warehouse, and the official distribution of Shopee to our customers.

Looking for cross-border logistics by yourself, this is much higher than the cost of SLS distribution.

Under normal circumstances, we use shopee's self-built logistics, so we have two ways to send it to the shopee warehouse, one is to use freight forwarding, and the other is to send it by ourselves.

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