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Create home theater Q&A speakers

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Every day, we can receive many readers asking questions about home theater via email, WeChat, and phone. Therefore, we have collected the most frequently asked questions by readers, and presented them here one by one, hoping to be helpful to more readers. If you are about to buy a home theater, then you must not miss the next chapter. If you have other questions or you are not satisfied with our answers, please feel free to contact us via phone, WeChat and email.

The first thing everyone considers when buying a home theater is what kind of speakers they want to buy.

I have heard an American ad slogan "Which part of your car will hit the road?" Undoubtedly, the answer is definitely tires. Although not much attention, tires are still one of the most important parts of a car and a key factor in its good performance. Bad tires mean bad grip, bad steering, bad parking ability, even if this car is of noble origin and is currently famous.

Why are we talking about cars here? Because speakers are the tires of a home theater system, they allow sound to travel through the air to your ears. So your stereo should be a better device you can afford, because it determines whether your home theater is a Mazda or a Maserati. QWhy speakers are the most important part of home theater? A The sound of your home theater depends on your speakers, no matter how solid the other audio components are. A bad speaker will continue to produce bad sound, eventually making you never want to hear it again. Q Why are there so many styles of speakers and their prices are different, aren't they all speakers? A There is always a speaker that can meet your needs: floor-standing, bookshelf, in-wall, in-ceiling, wall-mounted, and subwoofer. Some are purely functional, just like a good car that allows you to go directly from point A to point B; while others focus on appearance like a sculpture, such as a sports car or a classic car. Of course, more are in between, depending on which one you like. QWhat is an acoustic speaker?

A Freestanding, floor-standing, box-type speakers are as their names show: they are placed independently on the floor or installed in the cabinet, mostly traditional boxy wooden speakers. Freestanding speakers, especially those that fit in large cabinets, generally provide better sound for music or home theater. They are usually used in specific rooms such as recording studios dedicated to making music or movies. Of course, this type of audio can also be used anywhere.

QMost speakers are very traditional. Are they ugly and will spoil the decoration style of the home? A freestanding speaker with a large cabinet will take up a lot of space, which is usually a challenge for the homeowner's decoration. However, today's freestanding speakers are no longer monotonous boxes: some models are slender towers, which can add a unique design element to your room; some box speakers have beautiful wooden veneers. Or a high-gloss piano lacquer. Many free-standing speakers need to be placed a few feet away from the wall to prevent resonance; of course, you can also hide the free-standing speakers in the furniture cabinets, but don't forget to fill in sound-absorbing materials. QAre there any speakers that are not that silly square? A Some independent speakers have adopted new technologies to replace the bass, treble and midrange drivers of traditional circular speakers. They have good bass performance, are very suitable for reproducing classical music and vocals, and have a beautiful tower shape. Q Is the sound quality of bookshelf speakers necessarily weaker than floorstanding speakers? A small bookshelf speakers are very suitable to be placed on bookshelves, living room TV cabinets, or even hidden in some soffit spaces (such as staircase gaps). With current technology, the sound produced by many bookshelf speakers can even be comparable to some huge floorstanding speakers. Therefore, you can't decide the hero by body. If you want to get the sound quality of standalone speakers without taking up too much space, bookshelf speakers are your best choice.

Create home theater Q&A speakers

QWhere can bookshelf speakers be used? A When placed on the sides or back of the room, bookshelf speakers can be used as very high-quality surround speakers. When placed on an inconspicuous shelf, on a wall or in a recess in a TV cabinet, bookshelf speakers can even be used as front speakers. Q If I don't want to see speakers and want to build a home theater, what should I do? A If you don't want the speakers to be seen by people, or there is not enough space to place free-standing speakers, then choose wall or ceiling speakers. Most of these speakers are very small and thin, just embedded in the wall or ceiling, only revealing the surface; they can also be painted to match the wall color. In-wall speakers are generally rectangular, while in-ceiling speakers are almost all round, which are better integrated with lighting sockets and other ceiling lights. QAre the speakers in the wall and ceiling the same? A. There may be many in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that look alike, but not all of them are the same. In-wall and ceiling speakers may have two or three drivers, and some may have back boxes to ensure better performance with speaker drivers. Q What should I pay attention to if I use ceiling speakers to build a home theater? A. Due to its small size, ceiling speakers are often inadequate when playing high-quality audio. At the same time, the direct sound, especially the surround sound setting, is also a problem. Then choose a ceiling-mounted speaker that can move or rotate the tweeter to direct the sound toward a specific area of the room. QCan I put the speakers on the cabinet? A. Choose speakers with shock absorption characteristics as much as possible. This is very important, because without proper shock absorption, the entire area of the wall or gypsum board will become a part of the speaker, which affects the sound quality.

QAre there any speakers that are completely invisible after installation? A. Some speakers are made to enter the wall completely, with a very thin layer of gypsum wall or wallpaper on the surface. They are completely invisible, but the sound can pass through. This type of speaker is better used as low-level background music, because the sound quality produced in this way will definitely be detrimental. Q. I need to dig a hole in the wall before decoration. What should I do if I have installed the speakers and don't like the external speakers? A wall-mounted speakers are a new variety between wall-mounted and floor-standing speakers. They are usually thin in size for hanging on the wall and can match the appearance of a flat-panel video display. In most cases, two thin speakers are suspended on both sides of the flat-screen TV, and a center speaker with a horizontal center channel is installed under the flat-screen TV. These speakers often have different decorations, including a variety of colors to match the use of plasma or LCD screens. Some even printed their own logo in a very artistic way to achieve a decorative effect. QWhat should I pay attention to before buying wall-mounted speakers? A Make sure you like the sound of this wall-mounted speaker, because its slim shell may limit the sound and performance of these speakers, although some brands overcome this technical obstacle quite well. QWhat should I pay attention to when buying wireless speakers? A wireless speakers are unrestricted, freeing you from all kinds of complicated wires. Of course, wireless speakers need to be plugged into a wall socket for power supply, and some can even use batteries. But remember one thing: there can be many reasons for wireless signal interference.

Q What is kicking and is it useful? A kick ass is a low-frequency vibrator, the signal comes from the LEF signal from the power amplifier or subwoofer. This low-frequency vibrator is installed under the sofa, and it converts low-frequency signals into vibrations. Q Is the kicking effect obvious? A The sensor is particularly effective when placed under the wooden floor of a home theater. This is the combination of the vibration of the sensor and the powerful subwoofer, which can greatly enhance the special effects of movies or video games. We recommend not to overuse sensors or vibrators. They are indeed effective in explosion and vibration, but if used for a long time, their effect will be weakened. QWhat does two-way frequency and three-way frequency mean? A general speakers are mostly two-way and three-way structures. Generally, a treble, a mid-bass unit is a two-way frequency. The three-way frequency has at least three units, which are responsible for the high, middle and bass. Q Is the three-way speaker necessarily better than the two-way speaker? A If the two speakers are similar in price, a three-way speaker is not necessarily better than a two-way speaker. It is possible that two-way speakers use more expensive speaker drivers, so don't be easily confused.
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