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How to choose a home KTV amplifier that matches the speaker

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Many friends need to buy power amplifiers, but they don’t know how to choose them. After all, they don’t have much contact with them. The heads that see the power and impedance are already big. They can only be decided by the merchants. If they encounter reliable merchants, they will pay back. Well, I will be sad when I encounter unreliable ones. I have a deep understanding and I want to write an article so that everyone can easily learn how to match the power amplifier.

There are many types of power amplifiers. We only make a simple choice for stone machines, that is, transistor power amplifiers. As long as the following 2 steps are done, it is basically OK. We will not make fault-finding requirements here.

1. Impedance matching
The matching of Shiji to the impedance is relatively simple. Due to the design principle, as long as the impedance of the speaker is generally not less than 4 ohms, everyone can use it with confidence, and there is no need to worry about the overload and damage of the amplifier due to the low speaker impedance.

One step is to ensure that the impedance of the speakers is above 4 ohms. If two speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance of the speakers will be halved.

How to choose a home KTV amplifier that matches the speaker

2. Power matching
Speakers generally have impedance and power ranges. The rated power of speakers is generally half of the larger power, and the power amplifier also has a rated power under the corresponding impedance. This rated power test also has a value of total harmonic distortion (THD), which is a general standard It is 1%. However, the larger the test value, the greater the power obtained. This is also a method for general power amplifier manufacturers to fool consumers. The power obtained is actually distorted seriously and has no reference significance (except for electronic tubes)

The second step, the impedance and power range of the speaker, ensure that the rated power of the power amplifier under the same impedance is 1-2 times that of the speaker
After these two steps, you can basically ensure that the power of the power amplifier meets the requirements of the speakers, and it is not that the greater the power, the better the speakers. The power is not directly related to the sound quality. The quality of the power is more important than the amount of power.
This point involves the power test standards. The stricter the power test standards, the better the quality of the power. This is more complicated.
It is recommended that you take these 2 steps as a judgment and choose the power amplifier that suits you.
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