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About midrange and three-way speakers

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The most sensitive and familiar sound frequency band of the human ear is the mid-to-high frequency sound. The sound that people hear most in their lives is also the mid-frequency sound, that is, the midrange that people often say.

First of all, due to the constraints of technical conditions and other aspects in the past few decades, the audio equipment that people often come into contact with in life, such as televisions, radio cassette players, etc., have almost all frequency responses in the middle and high frequencies, and it is almost impossible to hear from this type of audio equipment. Ultra-low and ultra-high tone, because they almost can not play the sound of these frequency bands. Secondly, the sounds of running water, rain, birds, dogs and other animals that people often hear in daily life are mostly sounds in the mid-range.

Furthermore, in the popular songs in karaoke rooms, the mid-range sound of each song's melody also accounts for the vast majority of the proportions. Nowadays, songs such as RNB popular in bars have an even greater proportion of the mid-range sound of the melody and lyrics. High, almost the midrange runs through the entire song.

In daily life, people's most gentle and charming voices are also mid-range voices. As long as you lower your voice slightly, and adjust the tone and speed of speech, your speaking voice will sound gentle, round and infectious.

It can be seen that the midrange almost runs through all aspects of our work, life and entertainment. Because people are most familiar with and most sensitive to midrange, and the energy concentration area of human voice is also in the mid-range. Therefore, it is necessary for the speaker to do a good midrange, but it is the most difficult to do a good midrange. Theoretically, a speaker with a low and tweeter unit plus a midrange unit will have a more reasonable frequency division and a better sound. However, in the actual design and debugging process, more technical problems are involved and will increase the cost of the speaker. Therefore, although the concept of three-way speakers has been proposed for many years, various manufacturers have also tried to produce them, but few have done well.

A three-way speaker usually refers to a speaker composed of three different types of speaker units: low, mid, and treble. Usually, the bass unit is responsible for the bass part, the midrange unit is responsible for the midrange part, and the tweeter is purely responsible for the treble part. Due to the meticulous division of labor in the working frequency band of the unit, the "workload" allocated to each is appropriate and reasonable, so the stability is guaranteed, and due to the meticulous division of labor, the frequency response curve of the three-way speaker will be more reasonable and relatively more balanced, so the sound leveling Will be relatively clearer. If the design is reasonable, the three-way speaker will be brighter and rounder than the two-way speaker in terms of hearing, as if you can hear more, and the position of the human voice is forward and the positioning is accurate, so the on-site intimacy is strong, and the singing will be relatively It is more relaxed, lighter and more aura, and the sound of the instrument is also unique and has a strong sense of hierarchy.

Take the current 10-inch two-way KTV speakers in the market as an example. There is one bass and two treble, and there is also a combination of bass and four treble. Since the effective upper limit of the 10-inch woofer's frequency response is not high enough, and the effective lower limit of the 3-inch small paper tray's high-frequency response cannot be very low, it is almost impossible to balance the mid-to-high range in the frequency response connection. In order to connect the frequency response curve as balanced as possible, some manufacturers make the bass pass through, move the crossover point of the treble as low as possible, and use the midrange of the treble, which increases the workload of the treble. This is a 3-inch small paper plate. The main reason why the treble is easy to burn out.

About midrange and three-way speakers

Real three-way speakers are quite rigorous in the selection of units and crossover points, and the most suitable units for KTV speakers are usually four-inch, five-inch, and six-and-a-half inches. Usually because there is a midrange speaker in charge of the middle and high frequencies, the woofer should use F0 as low as possible, and the tweeter should be selected to extend the frequency response as far as possible to the ultra-high range. After such a unit is combined into a system, the three-way speaker The effective frequency response (frequency response) will be wider than that of a two-way speaker, thus highlighting the advantages of a three-way speaker.

Because the three-way speaker adds a midrange unit, the sound frequency band that the woofer can't go up and the sound frequency band that the small tweeter can't go down are reasonably connected and supplemented, so that the speaker curve is more reasonable and balanced, and the woofer and the woofer are shared. A small part of the work of the tweeter is as if the burden of two people is averaged by three people. If the frequency division technology is reasonable, the three-way box is more stable and durable than the two-way box. If the design is reasonable, the three-way speaker will sound more round and brighter than the two-way KTV speaker in practical applications, so the ease of singing is more natural than the two-way KTV speaker.

From the perspective of the development trend of higher and higher requirements for karaoke private room audio, in the next few years, high-quality three-way speakers will replace two-way speakers and become the mainstream of K room speakers, and high-quality three-way speakers It will become one of the signs of the high quality of the K room.

True, natural, healthy, bright and clear, soft singing, relaxing and comfortable singing is the unique sound of high-quality three-way speakers, and this kind of sound is the common pursuit of demanding investors and experienced players, because the sound quality is so good People may not know how good the level is, but people who can sing easily or not, or who are not deaf or mute, just pick up the microphone and know it. Fierce competition is the norm in the industry. The era of sweeping changes in KTV rooms has come. Those who are in the forefront will always be businesses with greater vested interests. Invincible, you may wish to compare
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